Indo Raptor Gen 1 or 2

I am trying to decide whether or not I want to go for Gen 1 or 2. 1 is looking enticing as it has more attack.

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Welcome to the Forum! Firstly, is your Lineup balanced enough to hold Indoraptors? Based on this, we can understand what would be the better choice.


Gen 1 has less health so therefore it will have less cooldown than gen 2, gen 1 will also count towards the badge beacon.


Some info about your game and where you are at would probably help. Also one other thing to consider is have you been doing the story missions? Do you even care about story missions?

There are several story missions that involve hatching I-rex gen 1’s and Indo gen 1’s badge beacon did you already complete these missions? Do you want to complete these missions?

Other than that it doesn’t matter much, more about preferences.


Great, thank you. That makes me lean towards 1


Thanks for the reply. I’ll be honest, not really. I’m level 71. I will post my lineup on here. I would have the indoraptors level 1 for awhile. I just really want to break into dominator league and I’ve had a lot of trouble doing so

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Thanks for the reply. I am level 71. I’m in a mission where I have to have 35 herbivores and 35 carnivores. I’m starting to care less about the mission tbh but I work on them. I’ve been leveling up from buying a lot of decorations. Would you recommend chasing after the missions?

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I’ve not been doing missions for over 4 5 months now still stuck on a hatch an indominus mission, they’re not really necessary to complete no.

Also would advise if your struggling now to reach and stay in dominator (I know this is probably not what you want to hear) I would hold off on making indoraptor for a while, a big ferocity jump like that might make your events near impossible to beat.

My top creature is just above 6,000 ferocity a level 11 monostegotops, compare that to indo 1 and I think that’s about 3,000 ferocity stronger so I wont be making indoraptor just yet


^ this

Do some digging (search the forum) for some info on how your PvE opponents are determined either by your top ferocity level (top 3 dinos). and or your park level.

In a nut shell if you have 2 lvl 1 indo which is like 9k ferocity each I think and then your next best is around 4k ferocity and everything else is even less than that, then the PvE opponents will be paired against your Indoraptors (for the most part) And the problem then becomes that you only have 2 dinos that are competitive against those high level opponents which makes winning difficult especially several events per day. Does that make sense?

Either way there are other ways to get decent dom teams. Again do a search see what you dig up. A combination of team building and battle strategy along with a few of the right dino’s and you can be finishing in dom consistently.


Hi umm I’m New but I’m not shy I’m trying to get the info raptor gen 1 cuz it’s my favorite

You do you, but if your lineup cannot handle an Indoraptor, its very presence can wreck your game from a PVE standpoint


as they said…
indoraptor level 1 would mess up your game …
you first need to strengthen your team.

for you to get a notion…

Now imagine 11 fights lol


Haha yeah thats crazy

Respectfully disagree. I had an Indoraptor level 2 while my Lineup still was mainly level 20 VIPs, and it was not at all that big of an unbalance. I still have it.

I made all the calculations, a level 2 Indoraptor and two level 20 VIPs would bring an average ferocity of level ~25 VIPs which is easily manageable. Even Fight For Funds and Infinite Battle were easily manageable.

Of course, if you have just the one Indoraptor. If you meant two or more I agree it will definitely unbalance.


Great to know, this helps a lot

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You still need a good number of lvl 20 VIPs to consider doing it… and someone that is having trouble with tournament Dominator finishes does not sound like a player that is far enough along to absorb the impact of even a single Indoraptor. An Indoraptor is NOT going to help with that, but likely make it harder, even if the jump in ferocity is not as large as some might think. You still don’t want to increase the difficulty of PvEs when you are struggling to make Dominator finishes.


Okay, here is my lineup finally!


Nice very carnivore heavy though, your top creatures have pretty much the same ferocity as me however I’ve got a lot of depth, I would aim to get more creatures above your level 20 vips.

If you have the sdna I would fuse for diplosuchus and monostegotops also as superhybrids at 10 are the same ferocity (if not stronger than their level 40 hybrid parent) but have around half the cooldowns, perfect dominator material.

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Thats really good to know, I didn’t know their cooldowns were that good. I’m gonna be doing modded pvp heavily haha

Of course, this move is only for those who have a deep bench of level 20 VIPs.