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Indo raptor gen2 question

Does indo raptor gen2 dodge 66% of damage 75% of the time? Cause it seems to me it dodges 66% of damage 100% of the time…

Then there’s me with a completely different problem - it feels like it only dodges 40% of the time instead of 75%.

I do not even use Evasive Stance because everytime Indo Gen 2 crumbles like paper mache over and roaring fire

Three possibilities -

  1. Bad Luck
  2. Bad algorithm
  3. Lydia

Back in the days of Monomimus I actually gave it the nickname Invincibility Emu due to the fact it used to dodge 9 times straight on a match, yet mine was more like 0 percent. I had always suspected the dodge algorithm would take that 50% dodge chance, and due to a flaw cause it to ADD another 50% to the next turn, rather than vanishing after the last move, resulting in a a 100% dodge cycle.

Kinda like how when you distract something for 2 turns, then distract again and they do 0 damage, coz it added.
If they reused code it could have an additive effect in some circumstances.

Programmers reuse as much code as possible for efficiency so it’s possible.

Plus its Lydia, bugs go without saying lol

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I think this is about Cautious Strike. Hence Indo G2 specifically. Could be both of course.