Indo’s Evade not evading

Not only has my Indoraptor refused to evade anything, none of my opponents Indo’s are evading either! Has anyone else noticed this? It’s been this way since the update.

That’s because it’s part of the update… indoraptor will always take damage. You can no longer fully dodge an attack.


Well that explains it! Thanks for da info!

No problem.

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So wat does evade do now. Does it reduce damage

Basically you can dodge 66% or 0% of damage now. Evasive no longer can dodge attacks fully because RNG is the worst thing to ever exist.


Thanks for taking the time to explain.

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In other words, Evasive is near useless now. Extremely niche


I agree. Disappointing!!

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I prefer the term “situational” or “tactical Tool”, much like Ready to Crush :slight_smile:
But yes its nowhere near as effective as it was before…which is better for the health of the game.

Will take a while for everyone to get use to the change and adapt, but thats why its called adapting :slight_smile:

I myself still use Indoraptor and Erlidom, both dodgers.

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wait, you can kind of still dodge 0% of damage?!?!

You can think of evade/cloak like a shield, if it works, it can block 66% of the incoming attack, and hits you for 33%. Otherwise 100% of the attack hits through.
So main difference is a normal/invincible shield blocks 50%/100% of the attack everytime.
An “evade” shield needs to be successful(I.e rng rolls in your favour) before it can block 66% of the damage.

I still dont get why people justify evade as still useful, when its now just a “glorified distracting mechanic” or as someone graciously put it, a “shield”. Im just gonna be honest that it is now completely useless, and now just a “glorified shield/distracting mechanic”. Its kinda funny how people still justify its usefulness…

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Its justified because we adapted to the change and learned to use it in difference situations. The ones complaining are the ones who used evasive every single time it was off cool down.
These players will find it hard to adjust because they were too reliant on it.

Edit: Many times I didnt even bother to use evasion and opted for the damage instead, both before and after the dodge change.
You just need to adjust to the given situation.

For instance if the enemy has a massive hit they are gunna use, that you won’t survive…go evasive. 50% chance to survive the attack is better than a 100% to die.
Then the enemy has wasted its big hit and not gotten the kill, then you can put out some damage.

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I posted this change in the suggestions section to reincarnate dodge into a new thing that makes sense after the change -

No you never can

Ofc its hard to move on, but I guess ruining those dinos with dodge and saying nothing is adapting for you. (Ofc thats bc your still salty…but sure you moved on) Adaptation literally means ADAPTING to current situations, now I said I use it, and for that case I ADAPTED to it. But I am still not happy with the current changes. If you dont want to trust me heres the Adaptation definition on Google:…0…1…0i71j0i131i67j46i67.801-W9C4SZc If you still dont believe I dont know what will, with you being still being so stubborn

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As someone who had a father who was completely pedantic I know what it means lol

And I don’t see the dodgers as ruined, if they were ruined I wouldn’t be using it.

Well thats not just you, just sayin…

But anyway thats why I emphasized explicitly useless, meaning it can still be of use, just not as important

Evasion is definitely more situational now, where as before the change it was always best to use it, but never really used it all the time, sometimes it was better to use that turn to put out some damage, and then use it.