Indo’s Evade not evading

Well thats not just you, just sayin…

But anyway thats why I emphasized explicitly useless, meaning it can still be of use, just not as important

Evasion is definitely more situational now, where as before the change it was always best to use it, but never really used it all the time, sometimes it was better to use that turn to put out some damage, and then use it.

Different people are entitled to different opinions, so I guess Im just gonna agree to disagree🤷‍♂️


Indoraptor needs a buff. I’ll give them this patch they wanted to see how it does with the new changes through trial and error. But clearly, imo indo suffered a huge hit. Went too far with it. It’s indoraptor not some made up unknown hybrid just named out of the blue. I expect they buff him next patch. At least tweak his move set. He should be a borderline apex high-tyrant tier at least. Ideally tyrant.


This, I totally agree. I dont get why Ludia are making the faces of the franchises look weak, like Indom and Indo. I mean they should promote those even more by making them even stronger💪. Just saying…


Check this and let me know what you think

More or less my suggestion

See the post: Should-be buffed list

Ahh yes I see, yeah thats generally what I had in mind :slight_smile:

I think with immunity and a distract it would be Tyrant tier.

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It feels like a whole week since anyone complained about Indo while they ran zero nullify counters…what gives

Because nobody uses Indo anymore with its defense being severely affected with the nerf. And its speed doesnt help it, it should be atleast 131, it has VELO DNA in it 2 TIMES. Like come on Ludia…

Because people want something to complain about.

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Correction: Because people already found something ELSE to complain about.

Candle in the Wind tune -
“But the forums burned down, long before…the raging ever ends” :slight_smile:

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that’s because i see almost no difference. it was rare when i used.
now i can still activate indoraptor dodge, but when i will for sure loose and if that nerfed dodge can give me a chance to survive and hit opponent with needed damage like that 2x.

i still use erlidominus cloak some situations, but now more as a 100% ferocious than evade hahahaha!

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Yep thats what I do as well :slight_smile:

So your lack of understanding of %ages should make a dino useless? You do understand your commitment to never using evade cost you, right? If you do understand that you may get why folks that want to win may be a bit upset?

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Not that I was one of those guys but still you played as you will and that has nothing to do with other players self estimated value of Indo

He has the damage, he just has issues with health, which is why he was so reliant on dodge to win most of the time, and as we all know, dodge was gutted, so…

Indoraptor got impaled on a skull this patch

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… By a triceratops skull

:skull: :skull_and_crossbones:

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That was such a stupid way for it to die.