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Indo v2 or Quetzorion

That is my team. I want to replace Diloracheirus with either Level 27 Indo v2 or Level 27 Quetzorion. Which one do you recommend?

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To stick with the Unique thing you got going on. I would say Orion

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First off… nice team. And you got yourself a real predicament. Those two are both beasts. Personally I’d wave goodbye to Rinex and dilorach and bring them both in. But they need to level up more…

Do you need speed up, dodge, invincible shield, and nullifying rampage. A teammate tool aswell.

Or you need speed up distracting dodge and dsr. One man army tool.

Tough choice.

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Very good team you have there
First of all:bench thor,he is a waste of your space
Aswell,i think dilorach should be replace
So,bring orion and indoG2 in the same time

That’s what I was about to say, put both on the starting 8…

I can only boost one of them. So which one should I choose?

A 4,4,4 boosted Indo G2, can compete with most counters that are 2 level up. So a L27 Indo G2 with 4,4,4 boosts can replace Dilo.

I’d go with Indo G2 as the replacement.

I heavily want you to use rion over indo g2 but it’s your choice. But overall, I think rion could be better due to her null rampage, long I, sidestep and swap in dodge so I’d say rion.