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Indo vs. Indo Gen2

Which do you guys consider better Stat/Moves wise in the current meta? Lots of my members said Gen1 because it’s Unique but looking at its stats it’s pretty comparable. What do you guys think?

Gen 2 by a landslide. It can destroy the Gen 1 version and even has better stats.


Indo Gen 2 is the superior to Indo.


Unique Indo is paper mache compared to Indo Gen 2

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I’m still waiting on indo g2 moves to finish loading…my screen will just about time out in a match against it

I’ve got a lvl 17 boosted indo gen 2 and I’m roflstomping normal Indos and pretty much every other unique also. Gen 2’s basic attack not only gives him evade but also puts distraction on the enemy dino. It’s very broken and will probably be nerfed in the future.


Both are very good specially with the new broken evasive stance but indo g2 its by far better then indo g1

This is even a question?

G2 is far superior.

My no boost L20 G2 took out a L26 G1, if that says anything.

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I traded my level 28 indo gen 1 for a level 25 indo gen 2. Trophy count skyrocketed as a result. Gen 2 is an overpowered beast right now. No boosts necessary.

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Gen 2 which she should be she’s made up of better ingredients so when they nerf her I just hope they keep that in mind.

You should just rename this thread to “Indo Gen2 Eats Indo” because that is what happens.

If the G2 is faster, its a full on massacre. If the G2 is slower, it is like half-massacre, but still a massacre.

Cautious to definite, Indo loses. In some cases if the G2 is really small, it may get beat if the Indo’s rampage gets through.

Gen 2 for sure. Have both, my Gen1 is 5 levels higher, but the Gen2 is on the team as well and does better. I think they should have balanced it better with Gen1 being Unique.