Indo vs. Indominus

Can’t decide if I want to level up Indominus to 21, or start working towards 24 for Indo. :confused:

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id go for indoraptor. it’s end game. IREX isn’t. i feel like it will slowly work it’s way off most people’s team the further you climb up the leader boards as you look for more consistent and versatile dinos. which IREX really isn’t.

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If I ever make it past 3800 trophies…:unamused:

If it’s any consolation, I’m at 4563 and I still have not been able to merge indoraptor. I have been fighting against them since the 3800s, although since I got monomimus they have scared less. Anyway, now it is almost certain that at the end of this week I will get it since velociraptor, tRex and the same Indoraptor can be obtained in the weekly events.

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We should play some friend games, I am 4400 right now with no unique dinos and nothing over lvl 21. I feel like you may be shooting yourself in the foot sonehow

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Your indoraptor is a higher level than mine and i’m top 500. Trust me you’re gonna pass that 3800 mark.

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irex could be what’s holding you back though. it’s dodge is just to inconsistent and it’s big attack is very easily countered. back when the game first came out it was devastating, but not really anymore.

That’s what I always tell people, they barely ever listen though.

Indominus can be useful if you don’t rely on cloak. It’s immunity and armor piercing is useful to do damage. Cloak should really only be a last resort.


Yup, I agree with that, if you don’t rely on cloak or use it to evade an attack (which 50% that you can take damage one time when not againts nullifiers) and put all strategy with her fire power, she’s formidable beast.

Expect this weekend can level her to L26 :wink:

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you have a level 23 indoraptor and still at 3800 ish trophies? how?

As I noticed from the forum, Upper sorna now is kinda cute massacre ground.

You can def get there with firepower like that!

Mines 21. Im almost out of trex dna. My indo just went to 24 last night. I bounce between 5100 and 5400.

Upgrading indom is the single biggest regret i have. No defense shattering really kills it for me

To each their own, though.

Dang, mine is still level 21, and I’m sitting around 5k trophies.

I just cant stand how much veloci dna it takes to level it, its insane…

Agreed. 101010

Depends if you have I-Rex in your team (I don’t); if you do, then I would up it to 21 as you will have a one level advantage over “most” people who stop at L20. If you don’t then there is nothing to be gained and I would focus on Indo.

Thats the logic I used, and i deeply regret it in this case :frowning:

I benched I-Rex a long time ago - every now again I put it back in … but not for long.

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Yeah :frowning: it just failed me again, id rather have had almost anything else:

Its slow.
It has 0 utility (no stuns, slows, nulls, shields, etc)
Its only “good” because cloak

It has a purpose, and serves it well - to be one of your first 2 legendaries.

Once it outlives its usefulness, dump it imo.