Indo1 or 2?

I don’t plan on making either any time soon, but indom has even a staple on my team, and I don’t wanna invest in one but go for the other. I already have 10k Velo S-DNA. I’m thinking G2, but i already have a 20 indom and a 10 one, vs 1 L10 indom 2. So which one?

G1: More Attack, Less Health, Shorter Cooldown
G2: Less Attack, More Health, Longer Cooldown

Another reason to get the G2 is for collector’s reasons

I could care less about design, at least for this game, but the higher ferocity could jack my lineup up

But you already have a L20 I-raptor, which makes your lineup incredibly unbalanced…

No I mean I have Indom level 20

Indoraptor earns credit at the Badge Beacon

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Oh, that’s interesting


I mean if you are only getting it lvl 10 (when you get it) then go for indo gen 1 as it has more ferocity and better cooldown