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I’m gonna keep updating the illustration until I’m done.
For now, here’s a video of me starting work on it and my first impressions on the digital drawing screen I’m using (HUION GT-221 PRO).
And this is what I’ve done for now:



I’ll have an update soon.


It reminds me of Purrolyth with the feathery down on it’s legs

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That art is AWESOME!! The level of detail! I love it!


Nice art man good job…

Ludia sees that design: sometimes we just want to watch the world burn…


Thanks! The whole image is going to be that detailed :slight_smile:

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Thanks man.
Don’t get that part about the world burning tho…

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I’m pretty sure it’s because Ludia doesn’t try very hard in the design department


Well we have to appreciate the designs of some creatures…

Huion tablets are always great.
My dream tablet is the Huion H610PRO, it’s absolutely gorgeous :heart_eyes:.
Right now I only use a Wacom Intuos tablet, that too not too often…

I can’t work with tablets, that’s why I got this Huion screen.

Ahh ok gotcha :+1:. I do better with tablets :grin:

I know this may not seem like much of an update. But I really didn’t have much time to sit down and paint today. And I’m still getting a hang of this drawing screen.
I’m also deciding on how to approach the lizard skin for this guy, and wanted to make sure the eye looked ok.
Also, I wanted to see if I could do a decent looking feather… I guess I still have to work on it a bit.
Anyway, more updates coming soon. :smiley:


It looks really cool, as much as I dislike procerat lol. Cool and good art. Prorat doesn’t need any hybrid its already scratching tyrant status in its epic form xd


Unless Ludia decides to Monomimus it when it does get one. Or just slap it on the wrist like they did with Mammotherium when Mammolania arrived


El diseño es más que genial, si este híbrido aparece en el juego estoy seguro de que seria invencible.

¡Solo es de imaginar que estadísticas podría tener!

Translated from Spanish

*The design is more than great, if this hybrid appears in the game I am sure that it would be invincible.

Just imagine what stats I could have!*

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation in the future.

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This is beautiful. I wish this was in the game.

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Nullifying strike
Evasive stance
Defense shattering rampage
Swap in savagery

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As promised here’s an update. At this point I’m giving better outlines to shapes. For instance the spikes on the neck. There are three types (see close-up):

1- The ones that are an extension of the crest. Just decoration/reproductive display (so this is a male Indocerathomimus).
2- The ones starting right after the crest. Those have the orange/grey coloring you see of the third one from left to right. The coloring is to display that they are poisonous (they are inspired on the reef stone fish).
3- The third row are more like blades.

I also defined better the feathers with the orange tip on the neck, the ones that are around the bony stumps that work as plating on the back (smaller feathers there), and the larger ones on the body (just starting to work on them).

Better outlining of the scales on the head and the protruding teeth.

This fusing is from the darker indoraptor, so I will add the orange stripes on the back later on. Coloring will be mostly black/grey and orange, with some brownish red accents (like on the crest).

And of course… the painting of all those feathers (gosh… what did I get myself into! hehehe nah, I wanna use this illustration to practice using my new drawing digital screen, and I have some time this month to do this. I think after next month, I will have next to no time for this and maybe the game as well :frowning:)

Anyway, motivational feedback is always welcome! :smiley:


Oh, I will also share another “making off” video with comments if you are interested in watching the process. I will have one for each stage. So if you want to see how I did any part of this illustration, just go and see those :wink:

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