IndoChampions 4.500 trophies and more NEW ALLIANCE

I created a new alliance because I believe that the new update that was released before the seasonal tournament is not just for trading. Alliances will play a role in the tournament and the trophies. So you dont want to be in an alliance that has players with 0 trophies or not ranking at the 500. Join my alliance and let’s make a champion team to overrule all.

If i can recognize the name you are greek.I am in a greek alliance gREXit and maybe there are more out there.If you ever want to be part of a greek alliance it would be nice to have you.As for now the whole concept is in early stages and until there are Alliances tournaments or raid Bosses or Strike towers,we still chat and trade.

How big are you guys? me and my friend would like to join but were around 4k