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Indom buffed or nerfed?

Indominus Rex

Gains the ability to affect armored and shielded targets with Fierce Strike. Is excellent as a revenge creature with its new Revenge Cloak!

Armor Piercing Strike changed to Fierce Strike.
Cloak changed to Revenge Cloak.
Immunity changed to None.
Attack changed to 1500.
Stun Res.: 100%
Swap Prevention Res.: 100%
Rend Res.: 50%
Distraction Res.: 50%
Crit Chance Reduction Res.: 50%
DOT Res.: 100%
Vulnerability Res.: 100%
Deceleration Res.: 100%

It gained a shield breaking move apparently which is amazing but it lost immunity. I also just noticed that with revenge cloak, once you do your massive damage you can redo normal cloak cuz it has cooldown of 1 with revenge mode. Is it still reliable?

Also why does erlidom have a 40% crit when indom doesn’t. I get the thing has massive claws but seriously. It is also about time that they took note of its armored anklysaurid dna and gave it rending resistance. I mean, you can not look at its back and say it does not have armor.

Yeah, Revenge Cloak seems to be a double-edged sword… Every Other Dino with Superiority Strike, Impact, Shielded Deceleration Strike and Superiority Vulnerability (moves which are now precise) can now bypass Cloak… So, we’ll have to be extra careful when using this move or a Dino which has it.

It’s mostly a nerf especially that it can be technically distracted.

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Sorry, just realised I didn’t make my answer clear…

I agree. Mostly nerfed, since other dinos seem likely to now effectively counter it.

I didn’t even realise it could be distracted. Why is JWA being so mean to its somewhat creator.

And while it’s sad that it got nerfed along with other fully immunes it was honestly the only way to stop the immune meta…

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But I mean it makes sense and keep the counter to chomper that being distraction ( same with erlidom and decel) although only being distracted 25% probably won’t save you.

They could have just took away most partial immunes along with fully immunes and added a bunch of resistances too. Honestly I don’t know why they say 100% resistance instead of immune.

Erlidom can be decelerated and ya, you’re still dealing with 6,750 damage.

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Ya but only 50 %so 25% which technically if you MSS three times you could technically go back to normal speed. But again this goes with cunning or speedster being countred by tanks. And sure it lose matchups against tanks (is that bad thing tbh) it gains way better match up against chompers and speedsters with distracting impact meta now you don’t have to pray cloak works twice you got some insurance

And as for indom distraction as a weakness makes sense since now like indom gen2 it can go thru shields and armor

It’s a 100% cloak chance now?

In a way, yeah… Gives other dinos a chance.

But, with dinos which now have more of a level playing field and new hybrids which never existed in the real world, I hope the game still does retain some element of the natural hierarchy and cater to people who love the dinos which we know used to roam our Earth, millions of years ago.

Not to mention, I feel it difficult to be exactly on the same page as you because of the time and energy it will take me to level up dinos I’d previously ignored and completely redo my whole team (my second, albeit more selfish, PoV) D:

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