Indom - dss?

Dont shoot me for this, but would giving indom a defense shattering strike be overpowered?

It would still make shielding the go-to move against it, forcing only a rampage level of dmg to the attacker vs that nasty x4 (assuming cloak). We do have nullifiers as counters, and cloak still eats a turn.

Would giving it dss push it over the top?

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I think it will be interesting, because you can use APR after DSS with cloak, still 4 X damage, but one more turn. I’ll choose to level up indom if DSS is given to it, but it’s unlikely as we have so many chompers now.

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I’ve had a lot of indom battles the past few days, and I think he’s still good as is. It takes a well placed shield to stop him even when he doesn’t cloak. The strategy is fun.

(he she it, whatever, dinosaur)

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The reason indom doesnt have defense shattering, is because it’s already hard enough to counter, and giving it DSS would make it too op… So to answer your question: Yes


Fair points :slight_smile:

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Doesn’t need dss you just wait for them to pop shields and then cloak that way their shield has run out b4 the rampage hits. If you cloaking instantly your doing it wrong! Dss would definitely make him oop as it would mean he counters his counters. 1x attack with cloak becomes 2x and with a critical can one shot Dino’s. Come on this guy can “NEGATE” dmg only one other legendary that does this and it just got nerfed into the ground

Perhaps my view is skewed by level. Level 22 indom really struggles vs 30 stego and 28 trago after all :rofl:

Yeah lol that much gap only winnable by throwing a spinotasuchus in! will bleed any tank quick smart regardless of level. It’s why it’s tyrant lvl. I use Indom mainly against bleeders these days and monomim he loves that he can destroy his nerfed counter these days with a single hit

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Would throw it over the top unless they were to reduce HP and/or dam. I would agree lvl 22 ain’t gonna cut it tho against those 30’s :wink:

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I love Indominus. But seriously, I’d doubt myself that I will be pleased to facing with Defense Shattering move set Indominus rex or not.

Without nullified-cloak, her immunity still make her a formidable beast


A 4x rampage that doesnt break shield is the same attack as a 2x that does…

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900 attack x4 with shield = 1800 damage
900 attack x2 with shield(defense shattering) =1800

10 exactlys.

Dont see the difference tbh lol

Not that I think it needs it, but shield breaking would at least break through invincibility.

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If indom have DSS, it will have half chance against Tryko, if Ludia give indom that attack, hack yeah I’m levelling up indom since I never see kentro.

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Exactly @piere87 . Also it would greatly increase the dmg of the next attack - if it lived.

Maybe overpowered though.

It also means Trago can no longer win as long invincibility would be useless. Shields are it’s biggest counter. I would power indom up myself if they gave it that move.

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I don’t think it needs it, i was just pointing out the difference :joy:

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:joy: no worries! Just concerned ppl are gonna call me nuts… just wanted to preempt that is all :joy::joy:

Nice job pointing that out :slight_smile: