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Indom g2

on the jwa field guide a lvl 30 does 2917 damage with 20 boosts, the rampage doubles that to 5834 cloak doubles that to 11668 plus the 50% mutual fury thats 11668 + 5834 17502 plus the crit am i missing some thing or is my math right? lol im 60 sna off maxing indo g2 with 25 boosts and if im right ive invested in the wrong one lol in so come on all you clever whizz kids is this old git correct with his calculations lol thanks Andy

It is countered by shields, precise, dodge, null and bypass. These moves in total are used by 201 creatures, not literal creatures; that just how many moves there are used by creatures. Its countered enough and the definite strike might seem overwhelming to most epics, rares, all commons but not to other creatures.

Well, your math is correct, but not if you meant to include the critical damage. On a crit, it would deal 21,878 damage.

As for your investment, I wouldn’t worry. Indoraptor G2 can do a lot of things that Indom G2 just can’t. They’re both very good dinos.

cheers for the reply i thought i said in my post it would be plus the crit ! and because i didnt know how much the crit % is i couldn’t work out the final figure thanks for doing that and confirming my maths are good lol total thats amazing 21k damage !!! out of curiosity is there a standard % on crits ? or are each dino different? many thanks Andy Sent from my iPhone

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i have maxed up thora magna deus procera indo and 60 to go on indo g2 tryko erlidom 29 so my main team good i was thinking of budding this indom g2 for clan alliance tournaments ! thats why i was staggered when a bog standered lvl 26 did 6400 damage to me in a battle today which was why i looked at field guide to see its potential when boosted thanks Andy

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thanks Colin for reply i have many creatures capable of countering it incl magna lvl 30 procera 30 etc i was more amazed at the sheer strike power it can create and thought id miscalculated its damage lol im thinking as ive nearly maxed up indo g 2 i was thinking of buffing indom g2 for to help clan in alliance tournaments with my maxed up boosted indo g2 and a buffed gorga procera and indom g2 i could really help my clan and maybe use it in my main team with the indo g2 thanks Andy

Critical hits add a standard percentage. It’s an extra 25%. Glad to be of help.

I got a crit a cloaked furied rampage. I did the fury and then the cloak to throw the guy off. Didn’t expect the fury to stay but it did 12,000 damage; thought it only stayed for two turns or is it two turns after. My indom g2 gets a lot of crits for some odd reason. In the arena it likes to get them when its going to die and likes to throw me off guard.

Yes. That’s it’s whole thing, that it can deal the highest damage in the game.

lol enjoy the extra crits !! take care

wow i didnt know that i thought erlidom would be highest im gona get it 30 if they dont nerf it in next patch cheers

Erlidom does the least amount of damage of the cloakers but does a lot except armor and shield can quickly decline that damage.

Unlike the other 2, erlidom has access to 3200 damage on turn 1 and has a 20% chance to do 4000, killing many creatures like magna and indo gen 2 in 1 hit