Indom Gen2 - 2 turn Cloak

Bug Description:
On the Tournament, I and my opponent both went Indom Gen2 first dino, and then both used Cloak as first move. So far so good. But then my opponent used Mutual fury and remained cloaked?! Did I miss the memo, or does using Mutual fury not count for a turn passed?

Area is was found in:

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Use cloak with indom gen2
Step 2 - Use mutual fury
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen:
Happened once so far

What type of device are you using:
Android 10 OS

The dodge effect of cloak does last 2 turns. The damage effect does not

I am pretty sure the Cloak has always disappeared right after Indom used a move during a cloaked state. Which wasn’t the case. She was cloacked, used a move, and remained cloaked.

Oh well in that case then it’s probably a glitch or something

Yup. Weird. Was it only visual, or did it dodge/do 2x damage too?

I was expecting a Rampage and was also going to use a Rampage. So I waited for the last second to attack, in order to attack second, so I hopefully dodge, the opponent’s Indom is no longer cloaked, and I one shot her.
The opponent did go first, but it wasn’t a Rampage, rather Mutual fury instead. So the opponent goes Mutual fury and is still cloaked. Dodges my attack, and one shots me next turn. I think it was x3 attack (cloak + mutual fury).

Huh? I don’t think cloak’s damage effect lasts that long. If you want to get the big damage off with indom 2 one is supposed to go for mf first then cloak. Not the other way around. This sounds like a very bad bug/glitch

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Cloak itself is not supposed to last that long, so the effect carrying over seems to be a part of the deal.

So turn 1 you both cloaked.
Turn 2 MF from opponent and you Rampage.

Wait, it works as it should. If Indom is faster the dodge possibility last only one turn, otherwise it’s two turns. Due to speedtie opponent Indom g2 wasn’t faster, so was able to dodge turn 2. Became faster on turn 3 due to MF.

My bad, the ability reads “Gain 75% chance to dodge 66% of direct damage until next attack performed (max 2 turns)”.
I am used to Erlidom’s Cloak, where she doesn’t have a non-attacking move (aside from Cloak) for the max 2 turns rule to apply. But in Indom Gen2’s case, there is Mutual fury to dely next attack performed.

This thead is good to close.

Actually, Mutual Fury used to count as an “attack”. I have tried this combo both ways before, and if you Cloak first, it wears off on using MF, if you go MF first, you can get a Ferocious Cloaked Rampage, because MF lasts 2 turns.

I’ve used it both ways multiple times, so I’m sure that it works this way, and there are other forum members who will tell you the same.

I can confirm this by taking mine into Campaign again, but I’ve noticed an immediate hole in that theory of yours.

You see, if it did work the way you say, then if Indom G2 used MF after Cloak against an opponent with 119 speed or higher, it would dodge for 3 turns, which is impossible. Clearly by “attack” they mean “move”.

Also x3 attack on a Rampage is not how much damage a Cloaked Ferocious Indom G2 would do, it would do x6. x3 is only possible if Cloak wore off.

It is odd that your opponent dodged after using MF though, because Cloak would have worn off by then. If what you say is true, that’s a bug.