Indom Rex - Cloak

Is it me or does the indom Rex cloak work far less than the 50% it claims? I’ve used the indom Rex tons of times now and I get a dodge from cloak realistically about 25% of the time and not the 50.


Surprised there’s not someone in here crying that indominus needs a nerf. But I totally agree with your post. Ever since the update, any dodging move feels like it works less. But I could be just on a really long unlucky streak.


Agree it works like 25%or 15% of the time


yup, since the update Imdom’s cloak works like 20℅ of the times and Indoraptor’s evasive like 80℅ of the times, from Monomimus i think a 50℅ so that’s ok

Nah…it’s working well.
I still can’t hit through my opponent’s Irex cloak.

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U know I‘m just coming from two frustrating battles. My Monostegotops didn‘t stun, but my opponent‘s stegodeus got two crits.
My Gorgosuchus didn‘t crit, but my opponent‘s Tragodistis did twice.
My last hope was my Indom. She didn‘t dodge twice, but my opponent‘s Indom dodged twice.

I made the experiencr that once right at the start your RNG is bad you lose. I had it so often now: if I got f.e. no stun with 75% chance while my opponent critted with 5% chance then the game were over no matter how strong my team is.

It‘s like the RNG decides right at the beginning who has better chances and is gonna make it with a higher chance.

Someone made this experience too?
Yeah it could also be just bad luck but the coincidence is to big for me here.

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Two days ago I had lucky streak when in 4 consecutive battles Indominus dodged everything. I managed to climb over 4500 before tournament and sit out till tournament start. Still managed to stay in Aviary till yesterday when dodges went MIA on both (Indominus and Indo). Fall almost 300 trophies, but will climb back eventually.

I have. If someone starts with a cloaker and I miss twice in a row and they kill my dino, I just put my phone down. RNG did not want me to win that match. Also, tragod seems really strong. Crits all of the time against me now. I don’t use one, I hate it’s play style. Makes me bored to us and watch.

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Your opponent gets lucky and you punish them by wasting their time? Prolonging the battle? How nice. They too just want an Inc, just like you.

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Just had a match when me and my opponent used 6 75% stuns, and only 2 worked. Of course, it can happen, but I am pretty sure, the code is still broken. While this example is not likely but possible, other scenarios are near impossible doing the math. And let’s be honest: This game is so broke, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the rates don’t work properly.

I think that is the one of the reasons that they changed the 10% stun to sheild hit it

Just a general question — Are some dinos/move types more effective at penetrating the cloak, or is it purely a matter of the cloak’s RNG?

Oh boo hoo, they get their incubator. My time is worth something as well. Not going to sit through a hopeless battle and mash buttons.

You’re being childish. You’re just saying your time is worth more than anybody elses. And you know what? You can still win if the enemy IRex oneshots your first Dino without being damaged. Done plenty of times.

Other than nullifying strikes, no.

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And you’re saying their time is worth more than mine. Whatever, dude, get over it. They get a free win out of me. And it’s not the coming back to win part. It’s that RNG chose me to lose when enemy either dodges everything or crits multiple times with the first 2 attacks. I know it’s hopeless for me so why bother trying. It’s only trophies that I care nothing about. I’ll just battle later when RNG decides to let me win.

Glad to see I’m not the only one who feels like cloak’s 50% chance isn’t exactly 50% for the I.Rex. I like to use him as last resort (at my current level 12) because cloak is a priority move.

But what’s the point if I swap in with him, my opponent gets a free shot in on me, I cloak rather than attack in hopes it works… but it doesn’t and get hit again… game over.

What’s amusing is my Ornithomimus, which has the same 50% dodge chance, dodges everything. There was one match he dodged literally 8 or 9 straight attacks!

Empirically … I agree,
Out of the who knows how many times I’ve used it. 50% does not seem accurate, witht the reality being less

50% is accurate. You cloak your Irex. Your opponent cloaks his/her Irex. You hit and miss. Your opponent retaliates and kills you. That’s 50%.