Indom Rex - Remove Positive effect flaw


Noticed a flaw in game. Several Dino’s have the “remove positive effect” ability on their attack. This should automatically remove stealth. But the indom Rex stealth can Dodge this and not be removed.

I would be fine with this but it does not follow game logic. If a dino uses instant immune and reduces the damage of a DOT attack to zero the DOT still happens. Same with I stand immune not protecting you from being made vulnerable or slowed even though the damage was completely blocked.

If your special defense ability cannot block the special attack ability then the indom Rex stealth shouldn’t be immune to being removed by the “remove positive effect” ability.

I think this should be corrected as it is a game logic flaw. It also removes the one guaranteed counter to the indom Rex.


No matter, dodge works like 1/10 times :smiley: Probably most useless Dino on my deck atm because of that.


Nope, it is working like intended.

Indoraptor or Erlidominus can use Cloak and you can remove their Stealth with moves like the one you mentioned.

But Indominus Rex got, unlike the others, the Passive ability “Immunity” (like Dimetrodon and some others) … which is blocking anything affecting Dimetrodon, such as “Remove positives from Dimetrodon/Indominus/…”

No Bug. Just awesome moveset on Indominus.

Summary: Not Stealth is blocking your remove move, his Immunity does and it’s always higher priority as Passive than anything else.


See my experience is opposite. Indom Rex has about an 80-90% Dodge rate facing me in battle.


Same for me if its on opponent Rex, but mine - its 10-20% max.


Impossible, just fought an Erlidomimus and he had
Immunity passive!


Oh, he got it, too? Great guy then.


More like OP BS. If you do not break the Indo Rex stealth he will hit you for 4k plus damage which I have yet to see a dino that can survive it.


Indom really shouldn’t have immunity. It’s good enough as it is.


ludia can’t keep nerfing her, for those that have it, it feels like an accomplishment, you don’t want it to be like every other common lol


Has Indom already been nerfed before by Ludia?


misworded sorry , not sure if she has already


cloak is removable, its the immunity passive that blocks nullify effects. indoraptor can have its cloak purged, but erlidominus and indominus rex can not.