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Indominis cloak


I’ve recently fused my Indom (Yay!) however the cloak isn’t working?? At what point does it begin to work??? Every time in pvp and friendly battles it’s cloaked at 0% :frowning:


It’s totally random, sometimes you can dodge twice in a row, other times none at all.

My best experience I took out a lvl19 indom with my lvl18 indom, even though I was slower due to lower lvl, my indom dodged twice and put in a successful attack.


It is working, it’s just random like everything else in the game, like stun, dodge etc.

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Works best against Gorgosuchus. Indominus dodges Gorgosuchus attacks 90% of time.
Rarerly dodges against Tryostronix though.


Yep, lower lvl Indominus usually wins.