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Indominous Rex question


I thought once I had my T-Rex and my Velociraptor both at level 15, Indominus Rex would be created and would be in my collected group. So tonight I finally got my T-Rex up to level 15 and my Velociraptor is level 16. But Indominus Rex is still uncollected. What is going on with that?


You have to fuse it. Go to Indominus and then press “fuse” and that’s how you can get it


Have you ever created any hybrids?
You must click I-rex, and spent T-rex &V-raptor DNA to fuse I-rex DNA.

Until collected 200 I-rex DNA, you could now able to “create” it.


If when you click onto Indominos Rex there is not a big green button saying Fuse in the moddle. Then you might need more DNA…

Normally both Dino’s should be showing numbers highlighted in pink… Hope this helps


Thanks Moeen_Khan, I was expecting to a already see that. Was surprised when it wasn’t there.


Hi Velociraptor_Fan yeah I apparently don’t have enough DNA yet. I thought just having Level 15 T-Rex and Velociraptor would be enough to create, but apparently not. Hopefully soon.


If you’re just now finding this out trying to get an Indominus Rex, I highly recommend going through your dinosaurs and seeing which ones can become hybrids and at which level.

There are a lot of great hybrid dinos that you are probably missing out on (Einiasuchus, Stegoceratops, Nodopatasaurus, etc). Many dinos you should stop leveling them up and keep the extra DNA in order to create hybrids. Don’t waste valuable coins leveling up dinosaurs that will be good hybrids and remember that for indominus rex its 500 raptor dna PER fuse, and you will not get it in 1 fuse so it will probably take a few thousand velociraptor DNA to create him and a few hundred trex dna.


Wow, this is a lot to figure out! This is the first time I’ve branched out beyond solitaire. I’m not much of a gamer. LOL!


That’s okay! My biggest criticism of the tutorial is that it doesn’t teach you about creating hybrids which is crazy! It was very confusing as I also have never played a game that builds hybrids this way (I assumed once I go the dinos to the right level the new one would just appear). The only other similar game I played before was Pokemon GO which is a much simpler concept for evolving and upgrading.

Good luck and feel free to ask questions, it’s a pretty nice community here