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Indominus and indoraptor gen 3

We probably gonna get gen 3s for all species that have a gen 2 right now. But these two are a bit complicated. Depending on what indominus gen 3 either is a rare or a unique . I say unique because all other versions of velociraptor are rare and epic so they would either have change indominus gen 3s make up in order to make a rare indominus or fuse a common t rex gen 3 with the normal velociraptor. However since we have two creature uniques it’s possible that indominus gen 3 could also be a unique. Depending on what rarity the gen 3 rex will be or if we get rexy i think a 3rd indominus is possible. However a 3rd indoraptor can only work with a rare indominus unless there’s a new rarity

  • Yes i want a 3rd indominus and indoraptor
  • No. I don’t want gen 3s of them

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What will be the ingredients for both?

Man I sure hope not


@A_Dog, Indominus Gen 3 = Indominus Rex Gen 2 + Spinosaurus.


Agreed, really hope ludia doesn’t get cheap on us like that basically repainting creatures and calling them new with the Gen 3 on the end of the name. New creatures I think are much more preferred by all, and even before that I think what’s most wanted is creature balance on those that need it


If this is the case, then it’s an original hybird… so why not give it an original name like “spinodominus” or “indospinus”?

Gen. 3. Doesn’t. Need. To. Be. A. Thing.


I agree plenty of new original Dinos you could bring to the game, without recycling dinosaur names with a G badge


:scream: this must happen

Scorpius gen 3 isn’t a original hybrid neither but i see your point

But there could be also new species with new gen 3s coming

Perhaps only for all current gen 2s and no more later on

Yep i overall accept new species. There are so many potential dinosaurs that are more in number than current gen 2s so gen 3 wouldn’t overtake the game

What would the color of a gen 3 i rex be

Yeah, thats like calling indotaurus, Indominus rex gen 3

I mean if SR G3 is a g3 while it’s components are a gen2 and a completly unrelated creature then indotaur could be called indom g3, but it’s not, because it’s not a new gen, it’s a straight up new hybrid

That brings up the question, why is SR G3 called a gen3 then? Why isn’t it like gorgoscorpius or something?

And that brings us to the question: why do we have gen 3s if the only existing one is an original hybrid?


I guess they wanted scorpius gen 3 to be a hybrid without making him a apex or non hybrid like lux

Perhaps i rex gen 3 should be red

It easily could have been if they just changed the design a bit more. They barely changed the model (not even in the update it was released in), so it just seems like a lazy way of adding a new hybrid without doing any of the creative work of making a new design for it.

Gen 3s don’t actually seem to be like gen 2s where they’re just another version of a dino you find in the wild - they’re superhybrids of an existing hybrid dino with something else (though I suppose they could do hybrids of existing dinos: like T Rex Gen 3 wouldn’t be a third T Rex you would find in the wild, it would be a hybrid of one of the existing Rexes + something else that they still call T Rex for some reason - that’s why it’s a lazy design choice). That means the only dino that could receive a gen 3 this way is Indominus Rex (probably Indom Gen 2). Of course Ludia could change this at any point and actually just release third versions of dinos with a Gen 2, but either way it’s incredibly lazy and boring in my opinion.

Exactly, the very definition of a superhybrid is “a hybrid plus a completely unrelated creature”, so why are some of these just called “gen 3s” instead? The only reason I can think of is that they’re just reskins of the same model, which is just lazy game design. They already took the time to create a fun and unique new moveset: why not take a little more and give the new hybrid a more original design and name to go with it? We even had to ask Ludia to do this for Scorpius with changing the size if the eye crests to match the portrait, and that was the bare minimum they could have done.


I don’t think gen 3s will all be hybrids. And as i said even new original species could get gen 3s added

It’s possible, but it isn’t what they’ve done so far. I really hope they don’t though. I wish they had used original dinos for every gen 2 dino in the game instead, let alone having them make Gen 3s of those same dinos.

Everyone has new dinos they want added to the game - like Ceratosaurus, for example - but this requires a new model, so the chances if any of these being added decreases if we’re ok with them making Gen 3s (or more Gen 2s) instead by simply re-skinning existing models. It’s the lazier and less original option, but it saves developers time and money, so they’re going to take it if we let them. We can’t let them.

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