INDOMINUS! At long last!

I just found two T-rexes… got this beast!


Well done he will get you a few last ditch wins

Congrats indominus not too bad to Winning could beat indoraptor.

Yep wonderful feeling to unlock this dino, happy cloaking! :smile:

Congrats, I’ve had a lot of fun with mine, but she can be fickle. Or clumsy, haven’t figured out which. :joy:

Welcome to the club! Here in the dodge club we rant about how indominus doesnt dodge-


Haha yh i am on a pritty good run of dodges i am now up to 10 out of 12

Hey congrats! Indom is a nice beast but when you get to Sorna marshes you‘ll meet many counters and she‘ll become less useful in higher ranks.
But for now, enjoy battling with her!

Oh, i will!!

Congrats, alot of people get indominus as their first legendary, mine was stegodeus

my first legendary was a monostegatops.

Ahh I just assumed it was your first haha

Its okay, i bet everyone thinks so.