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Indominus Attack and Cooldown Bug?


Has anyone else noticed a recent bug in Indominus? I have come up against 3 recently where I have seen it occur. Normally it takes two cycles to activate the 2x damage when cloaking. I use this to time my shields. 3 times now, however, my opponent has been able to use the 2X attack on the very next turn. They have also been able to recloak after a 2-turn cool down instead of the normal 3.
The first time I saw it I thought I must be counting the turns incorrectly. Then it happened twice more, most recently this morning. Anyway, wondering if anyone else has seen this.


If their Indom is faster than your dino, then they will be able to Rampage the turn immediately after cloaking. Especially if you have out Stegodeus and they are a higher level than you.


Thx. Yep, that makes sense, but it has not always been the case when they have hit immediately after cloaking. And the 2 turn cooldown?
I will have to do better at tracking it or try to film it perhaps.


It helps to record if you can. It’s hard to keep up with turns sometimes, especially if you or they are swapping a bunch. I have had the cloak sneak back up on me without realizing it as well.

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