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Indominus' attack removes cloaking

Just to report the following situation.

Bug Description:
I’m using Indominus Gen2 and facing ordinary Indominus in the arena.
My opponent’s attack removes cloaking from my dino even if it is not supposed to.

Area is was found in:
Arena, Lockwood Mansion

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- I attack first and use “Cloak”
Step 2 - My opponent attacks using “Armor Piercing Impact”: my cloaking goes away and he deals full damage to my Indo.

How often does it happen:
Only once for now, but it’s also the very first time my Indominus Gen2 faces an Indominus in battle.

What type of device are you using:
Honor 10, Android 9


Did the cloak go away, or did api just hit through cloak? Remember, evade and cloak only dodge 66% of damage now. Even then, there’s only a 75% chance of it happening

The cloak totally faded away, I know dodging/cloaking can fail (I fail very often ^^).
This time however, the bluish animation faded away just before the Indominus’ attack, that so dealt full damage.

Hmm, so the visual effect disappeared… say, did cloak’s additional damage apply for the next turn?

Was ur Indominus faster? So that the dodge failed and the cloak also disappeared cuz ur next hit would already deal 4x damage? And no more dodging would be needed?

I think yes, although I’m not totally sure.
I was surprised so in that moment I’ve paid little attention.
I think yes because opponent’s Indo fell in 2 blows, so the first should have been tough enough.

My Indo was faster, yes.
I don’t understand the rest, however, cloaking disappears faster than 2 turns in certain circumstances?

I can‘t explain better. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: But I‘ll try. :sweat_smile:

So ur Indom is faster. U use cloak and opponent hits through it. But ur Indom is able to deal extra dmg now so no need for cloak anymore that‘s why it disappeared.

If ur Indom was slower, u‘d have to dodge two times to be able to deal extra damage. Of course, if opponent finishes u before ur mega attack, the battle‘s over.

Hope this is understandable. :sweat_smile:

@FanteScelto Cloak disappeared normally as it should. What happened is that opponent Indom hit through cloak. As Indominus g2 is faster than Indominus cloak lasts only one turn, cause your Indominus g2 attacks next with 4x damage. Cloak last two turns when opponents creature is faster than your Indominus g2.

Thx Imre. :smiley:
This is what I meant. Sometimes my brain shuts down and then my English becomes soo bad. :joy:

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Mmmm, okay, I think I have understood.
Probably the misunderstanding derives from an unclear translation of the cloaking’s text in italian.
It says “75% chance to dodge until the next opponent’s attack, max 2 turns”.
Reading it again with your clarifications it makes sense, but not totally.
It is not easy to realize that the cloaking is related to double the attack damage, I have always intended it as two separate effects: 75% chance to reduce damages AND doubled next attack.


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