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Indominus broken


Why won’t my Indominus Rex go invisible when I use the Cloak ability??? I mean, even if it’s the first time I use the dino and the ability in the match, it just won’t become invisible, which translate to wasting a turn and giving the enemy a free kill.


Could be two reasons. First one a bug that will sometimes trigger when you switch it in and out to refresh cloak. Other reason the game will already predict before cloak activates. Say your indom in range to be a one shot, if you trigger cloak and the game predicts the negative outcome it will just cancel out the cloak animation and kill off your indom.


Yeah, the game already calculated what will happen this round. So if your dinosaur is going to die, it just does not show any animation (Cloak/Shield/buff/debuff). But it’s still calculated correct.


Not only cloak, other buffing skills, eg. short defense, ready to crush, won’t show the buffing graphics if the using dino is dying that turn.