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Indominus Buff Request

I feel that the Indominus Rex is a great Dino,but somewhere down the way,the thing that the Armor Piercing Moves really need a Change because that is what stops it. Maybe not changing everything let us say keep Armor piercing strike and Armor piercing Rampage as same but change at least the Armor Piercing Impact to Defense Shattering Impact. Thank you.

Edit: The Reason for this post was for the Indominus which is a Legendary to catch up to Indominus Rex Gen 2 which is an epic. I do not need its entire moveset to be defense shattering,even if the armor piercing strike,not impact,not rampage,but the armor piercing strike is made defense shattering it is fine,that will help it at least save its rampage for later.


no longer would a swap to alankylosaurus stop indom in its tracks.


But maybe they can change that into Swap in Nullifying,that can stop indominus rex

I mean, Indominus deserves some love

Swap in null is the worst swap in. I would say it hurts procerath more than it helps


Honestly I think indom is fine on terms of kit. It has great damage, so giving It a shattering impact is too much, It would kill it’s counters. Perhaps a buff in speed instead would be more appropriate.


Excuse me what? Indom is stronger than ever before (he used to have around 1200 attack) and you want a buff? No, shields are his natural counters. You want tanks to be even more useless?


Tragod and Alanky when they see Indom given a Defense Shattering move: :sob::cold_sweat:


Swap in Null Removes Cloak

Oh Yes,a buff in speed would be nice instead


@Starlinger27 how about reducing the attack but giving it only a single defense shattering,it does not have to be defense shattering rampage but just a single one,even strike will do.

Removes cloak but allows the attack. It would be a free rampage and Indom took no damage. No buff, leave it as is… balanced


Ya sorry but no… indom has literally been buffed so much that it has the same attack as erlidom, with health that higher than its parents, also dodge that increases it attack two fold, considering monostego is gone and armored and shielding tanks are useless lets leave indom like its is its been buffed enough.

Giving it a defense shattering would instantly mean anything with shields would die and become trash against it and increasing its speed means it gets to play offensive instead of defensive, its not like we already have a broken version and easier to make indom…


Exactly. Taking 3200 damage is not fun


The problem with speed is that is one of its only two buffers.

That being its slow so things can go offensive making indom have to fight defensively, and that it can’t go thru shields. Take one of these away and what can you do you can’t slow it, can’t distract it , can’t stun, can’t bleed meaning you have only three options: nullify it which is now super rare to find one that can do it effectively, speed up and hit it or shield, or dodge and hope not to get hit. I mean indom has gotten sooo many buffs its used to have so much less attack and health meaning stuff like Eddie, stegogod, tragod, nodopatotitan, monostego, monomimus were good but now that it has 300 extra health and if I remember correctly 300 attack even now a lot of counters it once had cant defeat it anymore since its gotten buffed and no especially with the dodge buff you really think ludia would have looked and said maybe we should just tweak it back a little.

No more dig in blocks!

Agreed, I used a level 24 Indom before the buff (swapped it out for Tryko after last years St Paddys) and it performed pretty well back then. With the buff, it can be terrifying. I’ve seen boosted indoms with 8k+ HP 2200 attack and speed boosts that were really tricky to counter.

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We saw that Indominus sneaked towards the guards that’re supposed to capture the I-Rex in Jurassic World while she was being camouflaged, so I’d just give her swap-in dodge.

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That indo gets that… I fell that way too ugh dodge :joy:

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That’s true, i don’t really think It needs any buffs. When i think of speed buff It wouldn’t be more than 110. But with the chomper like damage It has now a buff in speed is hardly necessary. It’s fair that the 3 main chompers are faster than It since It is immune and has cloak.
Current indom imo shouldn’t be changed, i think it’s perfect the way It is.