Indominus Cloak (Max 2 times)


Out of curiosity did it always say this or is it new?


I have never seen it say max 2 times before.


It’s always said that on mine but I’ve used it more that twice before so I never understood what it was on about


It says it now! But I never noticed it before so I was wondering if it was added after the last update


It’s 100% been there since before the update


I will take your word on that! The only reason I even looked at it was someone in a different thread was comparing indominus moves to Trex so I looked and saw the max 2 but never noticed it before!

Probably because I wasn’t scrutinizing the move set before this


For me it says max 2 turns, not 2 times. And it’s always said that since I made it.

I interpreted that to mean the cloak will stay for two turns max, which it does. When you start it, and then next time when you attack. Though the first time I used it, I thought maybe I could skip a turn (2 turns) and wait out a trag long invincibility. Jokes on me. :slight_smile:


You are right I saw times when it was turns! That makes sense that if the cloak works it is for 2 turns and than is off!


The problem with tragodistist and indominus is indominus doesn’t have any defense shattering moves so tragodistist can basically get 2 free shots on indominus


That’s why I was hoping to skip a turn. 50% dodge is better than a sitting duck. Now I know.