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Indominus epic strike tower (legendary DNA reward)


As long as the indominus doesn’t cloak it’s really easy…I just prepared a backup plan if he tried to use it.
Team used :

  • Velociraptor 20
  • Deinocheirus 20
  • Dracorex gen 2 15

I got lucky with the rewards with some legendary DNA…or do I ?

Hope you get some great rewards too !

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Haven’t seen anyone who had to deal with Cloak yet.

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Didn’t cloak for me got 193 t-rex

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It cloaked on me twice. I played really defensively though


Wow, everyone from my Alliance just went for a high damage and killed it on the third turn (or lost before he used Cloak)


I opened with Indo’s evasive and dodged, she cloaked turn 2 and dodged my DSR so I swapped


He can use cloak, it depends on your luck I guess. An advice is to be prepared to both possibilities. Alankylosaurus is good for this case


Just use the two shielding birds (epic and legend), start either one of them and alternate shield it and rampage, finish the indominus without a scratch…

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May I know how do you tell if you are going to get some Legendary dna as you were commenting halfway through at the Rare dna part?

Used my Thor to demolish Indominus Rex in 2 bites.


L22 Thor chomped it in two bites - no cloak (but had Monostego on standby)

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It’s a secret :shushing_face:

No in fact you can tell by how many different dna left you have. Since I was at rare and there were 5 dna to gather, it means two of them were rares, two epics and it leaves me with legendary for the last one :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the reveal. :grin:

Played so long and didn’t notice it.

So the number of rewards (for epic incubator) would be 8 if there is Legendary dna and 7 if none.

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Aha there are always some little tricks. In this case it’s a spoiler :sweat_smile: