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Indominus G2 design

So, just a nice friendly conversation thread for us.

So, I’m looking at Indominus Rex G2 and I love the coloring. Moveset looks cool and is fun to play with. I just… Wished that it didn’t use T-Rex G2 DNA. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the OG Indominus was made with Rex DNA and raptor DNA, but wouldn’t it have been cooler if the Tyrannosaurid genome was something else?

For me, I wish it was Gorgosarus. It still is powerful, the blue and gold could’ve been sick to twist and play with, and (to me) the face could’ve been made to be reminiscent of Gorgosarus and still cool. Also, it would’ve been a nice transition of moves.

Think about it. Gorgosarus has Ferocious Strike. If its DNA made Indominus Rex G2, it having Mutual Fury could’ve been a tight way to upgrade a familiar move in a unique way.

Welp, that’s just me. What about you guys? Wish Indominus Rex G2 was made with something else, or are you fine with what it is?


I like the idea of it having Gorgosaurus as its component, but I have so much more T-Rex Gen 2 DNA that I probably would have ran out of Gorgo before getting Indo Gen 2 to team level.

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I had about the same T.Rex G2 and Gorgo DNA with a little over 7k DNA each… But with T.Rex G2 being used for Tyrannolophosaur, which will one day be used for Tenotorex, I have little chance to gather enough soley for it now. I don’t even use Gorgosuchus/Megalosuchus anymore, so in my case, Gorgo would’ve been used for a better hybrid. Thankfully, Echo isn’t used for anything else besides Indom G2.

I wanted this discussion to stay on the topic of dino designs and whatnot, but I should’ve known it would get to hybrid ingredients xD

I wish it didn’t use echo. I stock piled Delta DNA which is now basically useless (unless I wanna level it up to team level and play around with it). Now I need a Echo week to get more DNA to create the darn thing lol

I’ve been force-fed DNA from all of Owen’s Pack. But for sure, the one I’ve stockpiled the most is Delta, so if and when she’s used for DNA, I’m more than ready (level 19 with +13k DNA behind her). As I said in my previous post, I had more than 7k DNA for Echo, and as of now, I got about 6k. So I’m still good so far. I need Blue though.

So yeah, I feel your pain. But now that Owen’s Pack have been touched for hybrids, I’m totally collecting Charlie DNA. There’s now nothing that can’t be used, lol.