Indominus gen 2 is better than indominus

I do gen 2 has better stats so I decided to go for that because I have a lot of trex gen 2 but then ludia intervened they only gave me trex gen 2 fury and only 1 velociraptor gen 2 fury so ludia please do both of them in a order

This “indo” stuff needs to stop it is not informative and confusing.

Sure we can assume you mean Indominus rex gen 2 but there is also Indoraptor

Indo could mean either Indominus or Indoraptor

Just tac an m on the end to distinguish it is not that hard.

Indom. boom. or better yet, I-rex G1, or I-rex G2. Indo to me means indoraptor JMO

Also do what you like, people like different dino’s vs others. I like I-rex G1 and Indoraptor G1 better than the G2’s. Atk FTW


Yep done I edited it

Indo g1 for me too but not just because of the attack, where I’m at in the game for me there are 2 types of creatures, those I can use everyday and those I can’t. The g2s cooldown let’s it down at 10 but the g1 is perfect.