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Indominus Gen 2 spawn

So Indom Gen 2 spawns in the wild?

Or have I missed a change in hybrid pursuit or something? If it spawns in the wild anyone know if it’s global or anything?


I think it’s a daily

Its a Saturday only global epic along with Darwin

Got one at my neighbourhood already.

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Ah thanks guys! Didn’t realise the dailies had been changed.

Just weekends have been changed abit, like Sundays have the boar now too

I darted one last weekend. It moves much like the T Rex.

I got 2 this morning on my map! Very excited :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

still haven’t seen indominus gen 2 in the wild.

I got one last week.


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Have yet to see one in the wild. I ended up getting mine by getting the components through sancs and DNA donations from my alliance. With my luck if it is in the wild, it will more than likely be in the middle of the woods and at night.

Another one

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I found and darted 2x today. He is very very hard to dart (at-least to me)

Saw 1 today for the first time. It was to far to dart. But I did see and dart 7 Darwins though!