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Indominus Gen 2

So yea I have maxed out my T-Rex Gen 2 and I shall max Velociraptor Gen 2 day after tomorrow at around this same time. I just wanted to ask, should I make Indominus Gen 2 (not for lineup goals)…? I did hear that a few people didn’t get a hybrid unlocked after they fused components.

I joined VIP late so I’m still in month 2, therefore I’ll be using the normal creation lab. Should I go for it or is there an existing fuse-unlock issue? If anyone made a hybrid recently and got it unlocked, please let me know.

The two issues I’ve read about in the forums about Instant Fuse are:

  1. No unlock when fusing two dinos for a hybrid
  2. Loss of dino if paddock is full (if you have 12, the fused dino disappears, and the “Instant space maker” leaves you with a paddock of 10 dinos.)

In either case, you can contact support to correct the problem.


@Timmah oh I won’t be using instant creation lab… The regular one…

Let’s hope that it was included in the bug fixes section of Update 45.

The only time I had a problem fusing a hybrid was Leptostega along time ago. Support took care of it fairly quickly (for Suppprt)

@Timmah @Andy_wan_kenobi so you’re saying that incase the I-Rex Gen 2 doesn’t unlock, I can contact support and they will take care of it? By my experience, they can see game activity (Acanthostega Unlock, and Server-Error) so I guess they would be able to fix it in case something goes wrong.

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Not everyone has the server error problem. The Acanthostega unlock was given to me within a week. I’d just take the risk.


I would say keep the maxed T Rex if you can,unless you are willing to make a level 13 Indominus Rex Gen 2 like your level 13 Indominus Rex.

I agree with @anon43877113. Keep the maxed Rex unless you’re making a lvl 13 Indominus.

2 lvl 10 Indom gen 2 > 1 T rex gen 2+1 Velociraptor gen 2


I am planning on making level 13, just have to scrap up a bit more DNA…

I’m going to make Indominus when I have lvl 40 legendaries and lvl 30 tournament creatures.

Once again I’m mentioning that I am ready for Indominus Gen 2, the T-Rex Gen 2 doesn’t affect even my top 12.

I was asking if any of you have fused a hybrid recently and you still had an unlock. Lineup matters are off-topic to what I’m asking.

Yes. Not with ICL tho. Just go ahead, I can almost assure you nothing will go wrong.

Yeah, support can help you out. You just have to plan a week delay in the “fix” making it not so instant.


If you’re really concerned about it disappearing… And that support won’t help, take screenshots of the max t-rex, velociraptor, and starting the fusion chamber. Then you can send all of those along if you need to submit a ticket.

I haven’t had any trouble with fusions at all though. Instant chamber or regular. But if you are worried, that’s something you can do


Never had a problem with the standard creation lab. I’ve heard of issues with the instant one when fusing, but I think they’ve fixed it. Take screenshots just in case like Bruce mentioned above.