Indominus Gyrosphere impossible

Guys I’ve tried the indom gyrosphere twice and I’ve only gotten to stage 4 and lost :frowning:
Is anybody else having the problem of idk it being impossible


Yep the past 2 times the event was live I tried about 7 times, not winning one attempt.

The RNG of picking dinos is what screwed me over. Not to mention the vast inconsistencies by allowing different parks to be in the tour.

I get Ludia doesn’t want to hand out copies of Indom, but they should up the entry cost not screw over players with really inconsistent RNG.

IIRC theres a thread that discusses the strategy needed to complete the events.


I agree done it 4 times and the dinos I get offered are crap or I get 4 of one type then the 2nd or 3rd fight all the opponent’s are strong against me 1k bucks to be screwed over all the time is getting annoying really fast, make it cheaper if not going to make it fair


Yeah it’s really not worth it, I’m not doing it again lol

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It’s possible, it’s just not easy. Need a solid selection and if you look at the other thread it gives tips on which types of classes to draft. You also need to know how to use the 3 attack 1 block loop to your advantage since most wins used that.

Edit: having said all that, no, I have not tried it and I am not going to try it. I’d rather spend the DNA and guarantee I get one instead of spend 1K DBs hoping to get one.


It’s winnable, a little luck doesn’t hurt.

I’m 3 for 4 this time around and I was 4 for 6 last time it was in rotation in Sept.


The more I have been doing these the more and more I’m like the aquatic battles over the jurassic.

The aquatic you have a pretty solid draft as long as you are not forced to pick more than 2 cave creatures. Since there are only 3 classes picking either surface or reef is a good choice and can net you a win. I like 1 cave, 2 good surface and 1 really good reef if possible. the last can be either a surface or a reef.

With the aquatics the 1st 2 rounds are really easy and you should be able to get through them without losing a creature. This allows you to sacrifice 1 in the 3rd round and sacrifice 1 in the 4th round and ideally ending up with 3 for the last round, or at least 2.

The jurassic i find way more stressful. All the dino’s in each round are fairly strong and you can lose and dino in any round with just a small mistake. the 1st round against the indoraptor i can’t stand. It’s a big make or break, if it attacks you 2 out the gate and you didn’t defend you better have put a good amphib 1st or kiss whatever it was goodbye. Then if you do block and it reserves all you are probably going to lose a creature as well. In my experience if I put a strong amphib 1st it atks 1 and I have been reserving and taking it out with 2 hits next turn. But i’m always holding my breath for that one.

Only good thing about jurassic is the last battle is against 3 carno’s so bank on saving an amphib for the end.

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I got the indominus in only one try I got the SCORPIUS an indoraptor koolasuchus ankylodocus and an ostaposaurus
Those r the most easiest fights that I have ever had

Sorry that I did not take the screen shots for the gang