Indominus hybrids!

Weve had hybrids like the indoraptor, indominus rex, Scorpius rex and all gens. The purpose of this topic is to make hybrids like that… I will start:
{UNKNOWN NAME) : this redacted being was created when the mosasaurus went sick. After the escape of dinosaurs, The mosa only rarely got food. Most of the time, the mosasaurus hibernated until one day it got sick. A group of Ingen Scientists went to jurassic world, but when they found the giant aquatic lizard, they decided to hybridize it. They killed the creature, took its dna, and the cruel scientists used it on an unhatched egg. (The egg didnt rot or hatch because it was in a special container) And the being was made. It has a spiky back, along with a spiked tail, and you can see the holes by the eyes, like its ancestor, indominus, once had. Most information is redacted. All we know is it is in the Atlantic ocean, and it destroys coral reefs day by day. This being may cause world destruction.