Indominus is annoying

Just a little statement on how a normal game based on actual strategy is almost always completely turned against you when they just pull out an indominus. I hate losing even when i was winning to pure rng for no real reason. I can’t say I’m not guilty of using indominus in this way as well, but fighting/winning a battle only to be immediately stuck in an unfavorable situation where you cant swap in a counter and just have to pray that you manage to get lucky two times in a row is absolutely infuriating.

Put Alanqa or the legendary hybrid of it onto your team! Then when they pop cloak, hit them once (if your faster) then JUST before they are going to hit you with the 4x cloak boosted attack, switch in Invincibility bird for its swap-in invincibility…

Then have fun laughing while their Indominus does ZERO damage ^_^!

Edit: Plus if they save Indom till last and then gets the win, you were simply outplayed!


If you face the Indominus it seems annoying waiting to face the Indoraptor or even worse, the monomimus that is legendary like him. Beside these two, Indominus is a simple mosquito. Poor Indominus is slow, does not cross shields, is not immune … only has the cloak. With a creature with a shield you eliminate it with little damage and with any creature, it kills you on average but the Indominus is wounded and is finished off by your next creature. So that you get to the idea in case you have never faced it, the monomimus has all the important powers: it is fast, it hits hard, it is immune, its “cloak” lasts three turns instead of two, at the same time it has " Distracting Impact "so that, if you are lucky to hit him, do not hurt him and to finish off two of his four blows eliminate positive effects so it is anti shield. An indominus of 21 or 22 has never killed two creatures of mine, a monomimus of 18 has been able to destroy all my equipment and jump around. You must prepare for it :slight_smile:

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Indominus IS immune. He’s a strong Dino but there are too many counter in the current meta and you’d better level up your indoraptor with indominus dna so…

At level 26-27 it’s a force to reckon with

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Indominus is indeed immune, but after it used cloak you often have to pull her… don’t let the opponent defeat her (it amazes me how many players don’t do this). Then bring her back later, maybe in a desperate, last attempt to win - and hope RNG is on your side (50% chance is much better than certain defeat!) :slightly_smiling_face:

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True, I was wrong, if it is immune, but still very weak compared to Monomimus and Indoraptor (although this is Unic and it is logical to be stronger).

What is certain is that Indominus is possibly the easiest legendary to get along with the stegodeus and, therefore, when we face it in low sands it seems and is extremely strong if you confront it simply with rare or epic dinos.

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It is very difficult to use cloak a second time without having died before. I will have used Indominus at least 100 times and I will have reached that second cloak at most 2 or 3 times and only when the first layer has worked twice. Without cloak and being almost always slower, it is complicated that the rival dino has not killed you in two turns.

If you think Indominus is annoying, you should fight a level 23 & above Monomimus. At least with Indominus you’d know when it cloaks and uncloaks.


Indomimus is annoying, Monominus is frustrating, PARAMOLOCH is a ghost, kill u and ran away…

I’ve come to the conclusion the best way to fight Monomimus is to use another Monomimus :rofl:

I hardly call it being outplayed since there is rng gods throwing dice and decide who wins.

Outplayed by the rng gods…

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It is ridiculous how indoraptor and monomimus are so easy to get and the game in jurassic ruins is just pure gamble.

Well, the easy to get the very relative! My team is on average 22, I have Stegodeus of 24 and it has no Indoraptor and I have got my Monomimus 16 this week. I have at least two weeks to get Indoraptor and if it were not for this week’s event, it would take months to evolve my monomimus because I have seen 2 or 3 monolophosauros in 4 months :slight_smile:

Sounds to me like you’re being outplayed. Your opponent is saving their strength for when your counters to that strength are gone. RNG or not, it’s a good strategy.

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Ninja chicken can defeat all other nullifying Dino’s and immune Dino’s by just attacking them since it’s damage is relatively high (1300 at 26) and will get 3 attacks in. and it’s speed paired with immunity prevents any form of countering this. It costs two nullifying Dino’s to reliably kill a monomimus if everything is equal level.

The only way to kill it reliably wo spending two nullifying users… is to hope you cause enough damage with the first dino that when you bring Monosteg in… you can kill it despite being -50% from distraction. Which means Monosteg is also in trouble via counter kill.

Swapping in with a lower or equal level ninja of your own will just waste your monomimus. The problem I have with this dino is that it is too safe to play in almost all situations.

Okey, maybe not monomimus but indoraptor is easy if you just play alot out hunting. Monomimus may be challenge is there isn’t right local near you and have no car or bike.

I usually swap out after my I Rex used cloak and bring her back at a later time when she can use cloak again right away. Of course, she may not have much health left at that time, but if RNG is favorable may take down almost any dino.

It’s a gamble, yes, but what’s to lose if the alternative is certain defeat?

Well, I prefer to lose the Indominus unless I already have two dead dinos. Change in another case means that the incoming dino receives damage (except if it is the great Alankylosaurus) and that when the Indominus enters it has few options.

Ironically, 8 out of 10 times the game won’t pick Monomimus for my deck when I do battle. It’s been interesting battling level 24 Indoraptors (and sometimes also IRex and Erlidominus all in the opponent’s deck) without any nullifying dinos to counter. :joy_cat: