Indominus needs nerf

Up 2 dinos to one or none…you have the better team and strategy…go in for the kill…oh wait…indominus rex…you lose. I do 80% the cloak combined with dmg basically hands the match to those who buy the hybrid containers and spend to win. I’ve spent a good chunk but I walked and jumped out of bed at 2 am to catch an epic. You gotta make money…and your incubators should generate that. But nerf indominus to at least reasonable standards…and make the HYBRIDS the evening out portion of your game allowing the non money players who invest more time to at least compete with 75% of the population.


My indominus fails as often as it succeeds! Cloak isn’t a guarantee especially against a nullifier!


Cloak is a gamble and it works half the time. To be perfectly honest indominus is one of the most well balanced legendaries at the moment. Firstly, if you so claim to “have the better team”, you should be able to deal with an indominus, there are so many counters (There’s stegod,alan,trago,monomimus+monostegotops,tany,etc.) Secondly, even players who don’t buy incubators, should have an indominus or be well on the way to creating one. It’s unfortunate that the RNG didn’t fall on your side, but this dinosaur doesn’t deserve a nerf.


Not sure about the need to nerf. My Indominus and Monominus cloak fails so often that for the former I only cloak when I know that I will be taken out the next turn, while for the latter I always say a prayer to the RNG gods that it works. Most of the time it doesn’t. :unamused:

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Like you I don’t spend a lot I would if I had the cash but I worked my butt off to get my Indominus and to get the counter dinos for her she isn’t a guaranteed win every time you use her. I know it can be frustrating I’ve been there many times :joy: but nerfing every Dino that gives you a problem isn’t the answer and it’s a bit unfair to the players who have worked so hard to get them or payed a shed load of cash. Put some nullifiers in your team I’ve got three in mine as well as some shielding tanks that give IRex serious problems

As I commented yesterday in another post, Indominus Rex gives little fear once past the first times. There are many legendary against which Indominus has nothing to do (Alankylosaurus, Tragodistis, Rajakylosauro) but even many epics can with him, for example the Gorgosuchus only with biting in the second blow. In addition, there are many creatures that only hit one of the cloak twice, leaving the Indominus sufficiently weakened for the next dino to shoot it without compassion. I know it’s annoying at first when your cloak works both times, but if they reduce your potential even more, it will disappear from most teams.

Indominus doesn’t need a nerf, its cloak fails so often that I took it off my team last night!

Placed Rajakylo in its place, much better!

Edit: Please nerf rock, paper is fine!
Signed, Scissors!


@Stiffeno Yeah I’ve had the same with cloak the dice rarely rolls in my favour even more frustrating when up against a lower level Indominus his works mine fails she does still hit hard even when not cloaked if I had an alternative I would probably replace her eventually




Oh the Luck-o-saurus Rex can be a right PITA but it’s not too hard to counter and it’s played rather predictably. I for one would like to see all these 50/50 RNG-based moves removed from the game as it brings absolutely nothing to competitive battling, except frustration for both players. For example how many 50/50 moves do you see in the Pokémon (main series)? It would be much more interesting if this game leaned more towards skill than RNG, any noob can ‘cloak and rampage/impact’. Boring!

I’ve unlocked I-Rex but have never played it (and flatly refuse to play it) out of principle as it’s not my play-style in competitive battling.

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Umm a Nerf no. I have had him for 5 months and have used him like 7 times. His cloak never works and I’m lucky if I get to kill just 1 dino. That’s why he is no longer in my team he sucks so a Nerf for him would be just stupid. There are a lot of counters to beat him now also.

I have a lev.24 Megalosuchus and it murders Indominus every time. Its quicker than Indominus, has a shield to counter the the cloak 2x strike. And with the counter attack, even if I have to swap her in and Indom strikes instead of cloak on the first turn, I still dish out 1000 damage.

I call it my Hail Mary move! It either wins you the match or loses it! Allot of players use indominus wrong! They bring it out right away and is usually dead pretty fast!

I always leave it till the end of the match and bring it out as a surprise or if opponent has it out and we are the same level it is now RNG and who taps first!

90% of the time I go first because I am ready to hit my move button as soon as the question marks come up


Even to this day i’m still confused about his attack mechanics while cloaked. Sometimes I stike back after one successful dodge. Other times I stike back after two dodges (pretty rare). When does the 4x damage come into play again? And if the first dodge fails and I get hit, the cloak is automatically gone correct?

I hate the dodge mechanic and hope it gets reworked. Lots of good suggestions have been put in other threads.

My issue isnt that it dodges.
My issue isnt that it hits hard.
My issue isnt that it has just enough health to require 2/3 hits to kill.

Its the combo.

Dodge is given to these huge heavy hitters (and fast immune creature) where its no longer strategy but a gamble.

It should be reworked and heres another reason why -

I hate indo dying to stegodus without doing any damage because it hit me twice through cloak.

I hate popping it on mono because he, more than any other card, can go 1/3 dodges or 5/6.

I hate it on indom because too many times, I dont get that hit off.

I hate both sides of it. Its not that its broken, its that its not fun to ply against or with.

I enjoy the cloak moves. Just because other people don’t or know how to use them, doesn’t mean they should remove them. If you don’t like them, don’t use them.


Make them optional for competitive play and i wont.

I dont like non optional content.

What level/Arena are you? Indominus is only once a pain in the a.: That’s when you encounter your first dozen and before you unlock your first few legendaries yourself…

First time I ever battled one my heart was racing and palms sweating lol. Had a decent Stegodeus but didn’t know to put up shields asap. She dodged twice and then made ground beef.

Which is why you keep an Alankylo or Alanqa on your team! You try hit Indom once (if you’re faster), then swap in one of the Invincibility birds before the 4x cloak hit comes!

Then laugh as you imagine the rage the Indom player is having right as his hit does NOTHING!