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Indominus Remains Cloaked


I’ve seen a couple times now where Indominus remains cloaked after it has preformed it’s attack after cloaking.

One time it dodged my tragodistis’ counter attack, and another it was able to dodge my stegodeus’ armor piercing rampage. I may have been able to win the battle with my stegodeus, but glitch robbed me of any chance.

It also knocked me back to arena 7. :expressionless:


Why people still posting things on forum that should be posted in support scroll to the top of the forum page please lol


The support link is FAQ, and this forum says:

Also, I know how to use punctuation, so…


His cloak last till the full turn is over so say you attack with a slower dino then indom. He gets to dodge 2 hits…he also dodged the counter hit from his cloaked attack


Ok, fair enough on that one. I actually had it happen again, but I guess it makes sense til his turn is over, even though that’s not how it’s worded.

The stegodeus might have fallen into glitch with this because they have the same speed, so I technically could have gone first but I didn’t, so it was frustrating that after his turn he was still cloaked.


Of both are the same lvl whoever hits attack first goes first


I know, that’s why I said I could have gone first but didn’t. I acted slower, which is what I wanted since cloak says “until next attack is preformed” so it should have been removed after his attack, but it wasn’t.


There is an in game support! It’s why your unique support key flashes up when the game loads. Above the FAQ there is a msg icon. Which you can use to get in contact with Ludia support, using your support key. Probably what they actually bother to read! I doubt they pay much attention to the forum. But by all means, do what you like. PS if you expect perfect writing english a forum ain’t the place for you. Have fun!


I’ve used the Contact Support from within the game before, for reporting users or other private issues that only Ludia can resolve. Their response time can take 4-7 days, but here in the forum Austin_Rogers was able to clear it up within 24 hours. Maybe this thread will be helpful to another user in the future.

And based on how a lot of the updates directly address the issues that are brought up in the forum, I’d say Ludia does pay attention here.