Indominus rex - Cloak bug (more and more)


Hi Ludia,

It seems that this bug is coming up more and more.
It’s PVP braking, you select the skill, and actually see that your indominus rex is not going invisible.

Check my screenshot, this is the visual after using the cloak skill, before the enemy attacks.

(adding picture by mobile device)


It happens when it failed to dodge. The % chances are calculated right after you choose the skill, and sprites of the effects are only applied to a dinosaur when it survives the attack. Same happens when a pounce kills a dino. The red shine that is associated with reduced damage doesn’t appear in that situation.


I do not agree.
It happens more than once that you select the cloak skill, and the first attack you get is a hit, even when the visual shows you that you are invisible.
Imo it’s a bug that is not cloaking you at all, even when you survive the first attack, the cloak is still gone.
The 50% chance is when you are cloaked, you have 50% chance to dodge the attack.

When the bug appears you have 0% chance to dodge the next 2 attacks.
This has nothing to do with the 50% stat.

Is there a moderator that can verify this please?
If they state it’s normal, we can rest our case.


Well, it never happened to me the way you described it. When it doesn’t cloak it means my Indo got one shot.


It happens with the indoRaptor as well. I thought cloak was always able to be a tivated and the 50% chance started after you actually cloaked. It’s the same with the shield mechanic. Sometimes the shield doesn’t show but when you are attacked it says shield was active.


It’s not just Cloak, kinda every possible status is affected. But it’s only a graphics Bug, doesn’t affect the gameplay at all. Everything is calculated as always.


I would like some.confirmation from someone from Ludia. :thinking:


This is just a visual bug. If your dino faints whenever they used cloak on the same turn, the cloak will not appear visually if your dodge has failed. This happens to alot of visual effects, like short defense and pounce.


Hey Thomas_Van_Damme, our team is aware of this issue, but thanks for reporting this to us! We will be looking into it to see where the problem is.