Indominus Rex Cloak


Is there some trick to actually getting the cloak to work with the Indominus Rex? Everytime I play against someone and they use the cloak they dodge any damage 95% of the time for the 2 turns. But everytime I have used it not once have I dodged any damage. So I basically waste 3 turns. Am I doing something wrong when using it? It’s very frustrating.


Yes there is a trick but it’s a secret :shushing_face::shushing_face:

Seriously there are none, you’re just trapped in a confirmation bias.
If you want to be sure, record every Time you’re using your cloak and opponent also. Note each dodge and non dodge. Do it few hundred times and report. I’m waiting here for the 95% dodge :joy:


Welcome to the club! Lol!!:joy::joy::joy:


Just bad luck. I get pretty even dodges and hits on me when I cloak.


it never works except when it does, and then it always works.


So…I HAVE been logging mine…and started logging my opponents as well. I also understand how statistics work, and that the RNG does not carry any data from one instance of cloak/evade to another. Having said that, toss a coin and get 10 heads in a row, is very unlikely. When calculated, the probability of this happening is 1/1024 which is about 0.000967. I have 2 separate instances with 18 failed dodges in a row…I don’t know if that means that I should or should not purchase a lottery ticket…:yum: