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Indominus rex cloaking bug?

Okay so I know that it’s like a 50 % chance on getting hit or not but I kid you not, every time I cloak, my indomImus rex gets hit, and when its slower than a lot of dinos, its useless because its getting two shoted in two turns. Anyone else having this issue or is it just me? Feel like the game is wanting me to lose

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My indominus’ cloak doesn’t work 50% of the time. I’ve been keeping track. I definitely get hit about 75% of the time vs 50%. I’m sure it can be luck and I know tha tthat 50% just means luck but it’s frustrating nonetheless.

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They need to look into the probability of its cloaking. It clearly doesn’t have 50 % cloak

I have the same problem buddy. I feel like the dodge rate is rather 25% instead of 50%.

What have your experiences with this been @Justin_Larson