Indominus Rex Defense Shattering Buff

Guys, I contacted Ludia on trying to buff the Indominus Rex to defense shattering attacks, now some may think it’s stupid if that change went through, however, it makes ZERO sense as to why the Indominus Rex does not have defense shattering attacks when its mixed with a T Rex that has ONLY defense shattering capabilities. Please I encourage you to share your thoughts with my idea…


Well, it use to be that to counter Indom you would use something with a shield, be it a regular one or invincible one. But now that the dodge nerf makes his cloak not as reliable, I really think he should get at least one defense shattering move, even if it’s his basic attack, it’s still better than nothing.


I lost a ton of epic incubators from strike events, and battles in general because of indoms lack of Sheild breaking moves, that should change


Yes, thank you for contacting them on the behalf of the Indominus Rex, enthusiasts amongst the community.

This is the first time I’ve ever engaged on this forum but this topic made me create an account.

I will also contact them to try to fix the injustice that has been done to this iconic hybrid.

Indominus Rex tok an RPG to the face in the movie and retreated without critical damage taken, and yet they haven’t given her armor.

Blue has 10% armor… Indominus Rex should get upgraded with a 10% armor buff, without a doubt.

And she also need a defensive shattering move to truly reflect the beast we all saw in the movie. Even if it’s just a strike, it would do. The optimal would be a defensive shattering impact.

As OP mentioned, Indominus Rex stems from a T-Rex… She needs a defensive shattering move.

This is not too much to ask. A basic armor upgrade and a defensive shattering move is a must and should be fixed with the next update.

I would also argue the case for a small incremental speed increase from 107, to 109, to better deal with chompers such as Tenontorex and Thor.


I don‘t know…she got Cloak and Immunity from out of nowwhere and already is a strong legendary imo. Especially when boosted.

I fought the same player two times who had a pvl 25 Indom with boosts and hell that thing brought me into trouble.

I think she‘s fine the way she is. She has her weakness, sure, but with boosts she is a scary beast.

There are other creatures especially uniques that need buffs imo. Since they are endgame hybrids and some of them are difficult to create, I think they also should be way stronger than legendaries.


I don’t know if you have seen the movie, but there’s a scene where she’s camouflaging. A soldier even screams ; “It can camouflaaaageee”, before getting wrecked by a freshly cloaked Indom.

When you’re cloaked with Indominus Rex in this game, it says you’re invicible.

So that’s where Cloak came from. The movie…

“Immunity” is a game mechanic I can’t speak much about. Why doesn’t Indoraptor have immunity when shot with a sedation gun, and the sedation failed.

From the sequel.

I know Indom’s already a powerhouse, but there’s no logic behind her not having a single defensive shattering move.

Of course, buff whatever needs buffing. Unique or not. But Indominus Rex is an iconic antagonist from the movie, and she stems from T-Rex dna.

Would these changes make her better than the tyrants we already have?

  • A defensive shattering strike/impact

  • 10% armor

  • Speed increase from 107, to 109

I don’t think so…


The way I see it, Indominus in-game has AP moves as a compromise between Rex’s DS and Velociraptor’s normal attacks. The same compromise logic holds true for other hybrids too, since the hybrid represents the middle ground. Even Tryko only had AP moves to begin with but, being a unique, people decided it deserved a buff. It’s game logic, not movie logic. Remember that if we’re going strictly by movie canon, Indominus is also supposed to have other dinosaur DNA besides Rex and Raptor.


If they fixed Tryko, they can fix Indom.

Uniques should be the best dinos in the game, I’m not advocating for Indom to become the new Thor.

With game logic in mind, Thor and Tenonto have 109 speed with slow components. Indom is part raptor and a case for 109 Indom speed could be argued, along with a defensive shattering strike because of the T-Rex component.

It’s not my wish or intention to apply every detail from the movie over to this game, but there’s probably a reason why very few top players have Indom in their active team.

Concerning why Ludia choose Velociraptor instead of Blue for Indom hybrid component, and why they dropped using exotic African jellyfish and other dinos as hybrid components. Beats me…

They could have made Blue a regular epic spawn, not tournament exclusive, but they chose Velociraptor.

Utahsinoraptor and DC are legendaries, but tyrant tier. Especially DC. Game logic?

This is how we can make one of the most iconic hybrids from the Jurassic World franchise, a viable end game Dino.

Blue got a buff recently, to better deal with Indom and Indoraptor, just like in the movies, so they obviously follow movie lore or whatever it’s called a little bit.

I’m just hoping for a Indominus buff. Thats all :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind an Indominus buff either. A case can definitely be made for her and Indoraptor to have armour, especially since the dodge nerf (maybe even Erlidom, but I’m not sure if it’s really needed), and as for a small speed increase, I’m not sure if that would change any important matchups, so I can’t say for sure. But I do not support giving Indominus a DS move. Shielding moves are supposed to counter Indominus, and the game has more than enough shield-breakers as it is. Indominus is really common in the arena, and even though it’s only one dino, a change like that would definitely upset a lot of matchups, and make tanks even less relevant. Not to mention the boosted ones would be absolute monsters, but that’s besides the point.

I respect that opinion about the DS move, and that people may disagree about it. And sure, the tanks would probably suffer, but they need some love anyways.

Like how Monostegotops got a distraction basic helped it.

But yeah, I feel that Indom should be as fast as Thor and Tenontorex so we could use Indom as niche Thor counter, and its not far fatched within the game logic.

I already do it, but it doesn’t work if Thor is faster.

It would work like Erlidom against Thor, but with better odds, since Indom has more bulk.

And that’s strange about Indominus being normal in the arena, I rarely face them above 4k trophies. Alot of people see Indominus as a hybrid component for Erlidom/Indor. When it could be a very good chomper killer.

Agreed with all of it! Indom is basically the stepping stone to Indoraptor in this game. Most players discard Indom when they can make Indor and Erlidom. Sad really. I support the bluffs!

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So true mate. I’m working towards a lvl 30 Indom, and it’s sad that people see it as a stepping stone, when it’s already a very powerful dino.

I think having 10% armor and a basic shattering strike is not too much to ask either.

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I’m in the ~3500 region, and Indominus has been a staple of mine and practically all my opponent’s teams since Lockdown. I face boosted ones all the time.

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The idea is great, also an Indominus Rex damage buff would be appreciated by me and others that use it because a level 15 T-Rex having 109 more attack than a level 17 Indominus Rex is kinda ridiculous

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Yeah, that’s cool to hear, she’s also a staple in my team. Team captain and my most boosted creature.

All I meet is Utarinex/Utahsino, Dilo, Thor, Erlidom, DC, Magna, and the rest of the usual suspects. I honestly have faced more boosted Diplotators than I’ve faced Indoms after hitting 4k.

I have a better Idea make it so its cloak always reduces damage by 66%, during 2 turns because with the presence of Thor anf the Rat the Indominus is as useless as it gets even when boosted same goes for the Indoraptor

For me indom needs a canon work over. It needs Armour it, it needs a speed increase and maybe a bleed. But I agree that at least one move should be defense shattering, ideally the rampage.

Indom needs to be able to work without cloak


I’m running a boosted one, and if I’m faster than the Thor, I smack it easily. I play against 4300-4900 players, and Indom is not completely useless.

People have started using Monostegotops again, and a faster Indom manhandles it.

Bleeders? Bye bye, slower chompers? Bye bye, Slower tanks? Bye bye.

Speed is very important for Indom. I can clearly tell you haven’t tried a boosted, “fast” Indom. It has its uses, like other niche dinos.

But a buff is not out of place to make her more meta relevant.