Indominus Rex Deserves More

One thing that’s always annoyed me about the movie hybrids (Indom, Indo, Scorp, and their variants and hybrids) is that Indoraptor and Scorpios Rex have their own animations, but Indominus doesn’t. After a discussion on Discord, I realized just how badly Indom got the short end of the stick compared to the other movie hybrids. It’s just so bland, everything about it. The model and animations, the moveset, the stats, the resistances. It’s just a slightly modified Secodontosaurus with cloak, and with Indominus being such a huge icon to the franchise, it deserves so much more.

New Animations and Model
Compare these three models. The movie Indominus, the JWE Indominus, and the JWA Indominus.


JWA’s Indom looks so out of place here. The coloring and scales are weird. It doesn’t have as many teeth, and they aren’t large and jagged. Its spinosaurid rig forces its skull to be much smaller, and its arms don’t look natural, as if they didn’t have muscle. This Indom doesn’t even have Quills, despite Indotaurus having them.

I think Indominus needs a remodel and its own unique animations that it shares with Indominus Rex Gen 2, Indotaurus, and possibly Indonemys. It’d solve the quadropedal VS bipedal drama, and we get to see Indominus in its proper look.

Give Indominus a New and Unique Kit

Indom cloaks, shatters, pierces armor, and does damage. Nothing else. It’s just so bland, even when Indominus would’ve been useful on my team, I never chose to use it because I found it so boring.

While I don’t necessarily want a buff seeing as Indominus is very easy to obtain while being quiet powerful, it needs some big changes. It should be a Cunning/Fierce, and have a more unique, strategy-based move kit, along with higher speed, perhaps in exchange for losing some resistances, such as DoT, Rend, and Deceleration resistances. Maybe even a passive ability or two. Just something to make it feel like you’re using a powerful and intelligent hybrid in battle.

Changes to Indom’s Variants and Hybrids

This Indominus revamp would be an amazing opportunity to add some new changes to creatures in need of some buffing, such as Indominus Rex Gen 2 and Erlidominus. Erlidominus is a creature many have requested to be buffed, as it’s not doing great even in midgame arenas. Indominus Rex Gen 2 is also struggling in tournaments with the addition of flocks practically invalidating it.

I hope something like this gets considered in the future. Seeing as how popular it is even in this game, I bet many players would appreciate some changes to Jurassic World’s first ever proper hybrid.


I also don’t understand how it could be classified as a pure Fierce type when it cloaks; it can dodge like a Cunning or part Cunning creature.


Agreed. Those are things that should change for i rex


Changes made:

Ok other image failed to load, all it shows is that I made it a cunning fierce.


Here’s my personal Indominus rework, using most of what I described.


I would have made something called Cunning Strike but then I remembered it was a thing so.

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Can we post our own I.rex rework here?

I guess you can

If yes,then here’s mine
download - 2022-07-28T162440.618
What do you think?


The thing is it isnt a rework, its just the same indom but with better fierce attacks


But i made it look almost the same

Guys please give constructive advice


Forgot to add cooldowns but for Corporal Analysis it’s 3 turns

A Ok rework

Not a good idea to give Indom a defence shattering move.

Wouldn’t Agree as Indom’s components have a shattering ability so yea

Well, it’s components doesn’t have cloak. So…

Cloak is taken from the movie…


download - 2022-07-30T163100.945

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And? In the movie cloak doesn’t deal 6x damage on revenge.