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Indominus Rex does not work


The invisible indominus Rex doesnot work any more.
How can a galliminus level 12 win a indominus level 22.??? Never work the invisibility.
Other Theme. The Orange battle área imposible. Three dino level 30 when the maximun is 26. Never can win


I rex cloak is 50% chance to evade, not 100%

Gallimus has evasive strike. Supposed to be 50% but reality is 90% chance.


Yeah sounds like you had bad RNG lol

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It’s a great dinosaur but don 't rely just on a 50/50 chance.


Correct, except for evasive stance…

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That’s been happening to me a lot more frequently than I care to admit. On top of that, whenever I try to attack and I Rex, they usually get the evasion. I notice that more times than not, I get hit, but the opponent doesn’t. I wonder if there’s some kind of a balancing issue.


No? You can level up your dinos to 30.


I-Rex is a terrible dinosaur and the sooner people realise that the better for their team and win-rate :wink:

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A galliminus level 10 win a lot of time bs a ir level 23. Its ilogic