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Indominus Rex ferocity jump

Here is the top of my lineup. Do you think im ready for the ferocity jump if I make the indominus Rex?

Indom L10 is weaker than Trex L40, so you’d be fine.


indo at level 10 will be aprox ophicia level 30 ferocity

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Yes u r ready
It is time

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I made indominus Rex I just used some bucks to speed it up. In my lineup indominus Rex is lower than I expected.


I would work on deepening your lineup. Can you get diplosuchus? Some of them at lvl 1-8 can be good

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Cool lineup. And very similar to mine :smiley: so I think you should get rid of that Diplotator by getting a level 4 Diplosuchus and leave your Indominus Rex at level 8. This will balance your lineup. And I personally wouldn’t jump to the level 40 legendaries and level 11+ VIP’s ferocity right now. You need a deeper lineup. Try to get more level 30 legendaries and level 10 VIP’s right now.

Also you can get a lot of Suchomimuses from modded pvp easily. I have a level 38 one and it is a great tank for my Tropeogopterus since they are neutral classes.