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Indominus Rex G2 vs the Instant Creation Lab

So, I hatched my very first IRexG2 via the ICL (yay me! Happy to see her in my park). However, this didn’t unlock the creature in the market. Is this a glitch? Intended? Overlooked? I would very much appreciate a patch where the ICL includes the market unlock, because now I have to buy and hatch eight new Velo G2s and eight new TRexG2s because I used them all to make an IRexG2.

Thanks for reading.


@Ned or @Keith? I thought this glitch was fixed? I know another player that fused two dinos together to make a hybrid and IT DID unlock it for them. Is it just a gamble now? You may want to email customer service. Hopefully they can help you out.


I’m still waiting to see if someone else will have their fused creature disappear from the game as I did (STILL waiting on support to get it back for me!)

My lab is almost reset again, but I’m not sure I even want to use it.


I used the Instant Creation Lab to make Suchoripterus and it unlocked it for me in the Creature Market.


Hello @MistingWolf, if you have not already can you contact and they will look into what happened for you.


Hi @Mary_Jo, I was wondering if you got your hybrid back? Also wondering if this glitch is fixed. I’m planning on making a super hybrid, but I don’t want to use the instant creation lab if it’s not going to unlock it or if it’s going to disappear. Thanks for any updates you guys can give.

I made Zalmonodon through the Instant Creation Lab a couple of days ago. It worked for me. I did have get it out of the Asset Repository


I did finally get my lvl 11 pachy added back into the game yesterday. I didn’t have a problem with the next one I fused, so who knows what caused it.


I have received a response to the glitch error, but no resolution as of yet. Just checked my park and it’s still locked as of this posting, but I appreciate the responses so far!

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