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Indominus Rex (Gen 1 xD)

Soooo I have two level 30 T-Rexes and 7 events away from CoT (which I’ll get to by tomorrow). That’ll give me 2-3 days for the next CoT. Should I go for Indy? I have 30K DNA with me already. And also, another level 30 T-Rex too is coming to my park soon, so that’s half-compensation. Will it be a good idea to play CoT, win Megalosaurus and quietly get the Rex to level 40 and make the Indominus without hurting the PvE before Segnosaurus?

I also have a potential level 30 velociraptor, so that’ll make up for at least 78.88% of the loss. And within 7 days, I’ll have the level 20 Indominus anyway. FYI, my other two are level 10 Eolambia and level 10 Eudimorphodon. So in case suppose my PvE goes wrong for 7 days, being a VIP I can get the level 20 Indominus without much loss… what do you guys think @Dilophoboa_Titanoboa @anon43877113 @Mary_Jo @Nestea @Dino_Rex @Predator_X ?

Without looking at your line up it is hard to say but having a indominus lvl 20 so soon would be not benefitting. You other best cratures are eolambia and eudomorphodon which basically has health of 1300 and indominus lvl 20 has a health of about 2500 so you should consider this first.

My lineup, if it helps… (See from image 3 to image 1, I posted it in reverse order accidentally)

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I would not suggest a lvl 20 indom however a lvl 10 indom would be good. If i were u i would keep my trexes at 40 coz first i will try to get other legendaries to 40 and then fuse any of them

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2 Level 10s will do you better than 1 level 20.

I think I prefer Indom cause of its shorter cooldown and higher code 19 rewards.

Yeah, and I do have a potential level 30 Ichthyostega (I call him fishcheeks)

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Singular Stego is what I call him or Itching Stego,cause of the fin on top of its head at max level looks like a stegosaurus plate to me.


I also have a ichtyostega 30 and i call him flaffy lol.

Fluffy is diplocaulus(hammerhead salamander)

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It would be great if like Rise of Berk (yep I love that game too), we could name the dinosaurs.

My lvl 10 eolambia is not even in my top 4 xd

What is your lineup?

You have a really good line up then. You said it was not in your top 4,I expect it is your 5th best.

Yea i have level up my other dinos a lot and the indom gen 2 will also add up to my strong army but i would not lvl it up to 10 becoz i want my team to be balanced

I got my Indom and Indom G2 is hatching,I will try reach level 65 soon,I am already half past 62, so I can unlock Velociraptor Gen 2 and T Rex Gen 2.

Thats wise

U should not hurry up so much tbat you loose other unlocks

Honestly speaking,a Indom G2 is not too good at level 10 as compared to G1,cause that extra health is only extra cooldown,when seen on the battlefield,cause Gen 1 does a satisfactory job as well.

You have already seen my line up @Jurassic_Fury snd i have seen yours however @anon43877113 's lineup remains a mystery