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Indominus Rex Gen 2 is better than Indoraptor Gen 2

The ingredient for Indoraptor Gen 2 is Blue and Indominus Rex Gen 2,
It looks like in the new environment Indoraptor Gen 2 is better. That is made from Echo and Trex gen 2
This is not supposed to be the way.
When you combine an impossible to get Epic like Blue with something else, you are supposed to get an upgrade,
Indoraptor Gen 2 is a downgrade,
It is now owned by Trykosaurus, Diorajsaur, and Quetzorion.
Even if it got it’s cleanse back, I am not sure that will help. It needs the rampage back.


Indo2 deserved a nerf, as did ProceRat, but they went overboard with those. It’s like it was on purpose just to shut the critics up, lol… I don’t mind, but it’s wrong indeed.

And I have to say, even if it had kept its Rampage, it would still get destroyed by all the Resilient moves out there anyway.


Wait a minute… is this my topic vote? Then you made a discussion?

Why would I take a vote on something that is obvious?

As things should be. Look at his rarity. Then look at what rarity are Tryko, Dio and Orion. What’s wrong?
He’s a legendary and should do what other legendaries do. There were bigger and more unneccessary nerfs in this update. This one is fine and deserved

As exciting as this tired discussion might be, it has nothing to do with the fact that the Epic ingredient Indominus Rex Gen 2 is better than Indoraptor Gen 2. FYI. Indominus Rex is also better than Indoraptor right now. For progression reason it always makes sense that the upgrade is supposed to be better than the ingredient.

Thing is, some super hybrids get more of a side grade than an upgrade, which turns the creatures role into that of another

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