Indominus Rex Gen 2 lineup ferocity jump

I am going to make a very big ferocity jump this summer
This will be my ferocity jump after I get indo gen2:
-ferocity jump:----------------Progress so far:

  • 1 level 11 indominus rex gen2 --not fused
  • 1 Level 11 indominus rex gen1 --1 level 10
  • 1 Level 23 spinoraptor --1 level 20 and 1 level 10
  • 1 Level 22 ankylodocus-- 1 level 20
  • 3 to 5 Level 1 tape shybrid --not fuse( only one level 20 tapejalosaure)
  • 1 Level 30 carnoraptor --1 level 20
  • 1 Level 30 stegoceratops --1 level 20
  • 1 to 3 level 10 diplosuchus shybrid --not fuse(only one level 30 diplotator)
  • 1 Level 40 nunda and ophicia-- one level 30 of each
  • I will add max legendaries, level 20 vip and 30 tournament when I get them
    Since I don’t have a lot of amphibian, what do you all think I should get???
    Will this be solid enough for tournament and also for pve, please give me tips, I have 45k dna and growing
    I also just hatch all the trex gen2 necessary for my indo gen2
    I will keep this thread updated with everything

For amphibian you should make a lot of diplosuchus, change the sdna you receive in daily events for making him and do some modded PvP, it’s really cheap (660 sdna), you can easily make one per week and it will make tournaments a lot easier.


Can you elaborate on the “easily make one per week” part? It seems quite hard especially for a noobie like myself :laughing:

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For sure! This is how
Each one cost 660 sDNA
-First change the sdna you receive, then If you do every daily event (they give between 15-25 sDNA each) and in average you have 2 events plus the boss mission (if you have him unlocked) you can gain 50 sdna per day.
-Now if you do the tournaments and also for example the bosses battles like this weekend you can gain an extra 100 sdna.
-Each week you have a battle for an sdna card pack, here you can gain an extra 30 sdna or if you are lucky more.
-And if you do 10-15 modded PvP battles per week you can gain 50-100 sdna.

So, basically you need to do every event and tournament that gives you sdna, do 3 daily modded PvP battles or 10-15 in a single day and that’s it.

The maths:
-50 sdna of daily events equals to 350 sdna in a week.
-100 sdna from tournaments or boss events.
-100 sdna from modded PvP fights.
-30 sdna from sDNA card pack event.

Total: (350+100+100+30)=580 sdna in a week

And if you are lucky in modded PvP (or do more battles) or in the card pack you get luckier you can get one diplo per week.


Ok , thanks for the useful guide :heart:


I dont even have enough sdna for one diplo shybrid, but I just started getting some along with euoplo and mono for my new lineup, but thanks for the tips

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Small update, I have just gotten a presto from my gold pack!!!

Maybe leave the tapes and monos at lvl 1 as they will be a bit better ( or worse I think) than indom g2 lvl 11 at lvl 1 so ideally, lvl 1 tapes and monos

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Here is my lineup:
Also could somebody help me on that battle thanks:

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just bought a tapej because of the 10% off, also I finally unlocked the velo gen2

Your lineup and level are very similar to mine and I’m planning to do the same. I’m trying to get duplicates of 2 more VIP’s that I already have to start this. And I still need 1 more Ichtyostega, 1 more Scaphognathus and 2 more Shunosauruses for max legendaries.

Here is mine:

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its far better than mine, you have more of everyrthing, while I still need to buy them

You should just buy the remaining stegos you need for stegoceratops, it’s worth it.

Let’s go, big step for my lineup


Here’s some advice for you :

Try to buy one indominus ( gen1 or gen2 ) every week. It’s actually not that hard if you do all the events and fight as much as you can in tourneys. This’ll greatly improve the depth of your lineup, and allow you to get stronger dinos whenever you want ( by fusing these indoms )

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Right now I am working on mono and diplo because need those 2 class, will try to add more info gen 2 also what amphi/herb should I add after mono and diplo

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Herb : ankylodocus, Segnosaurus, brachiosaurus

Amphib : ostaposaurus, gorgosuchus

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But s’engouffre and gorgo are impossible don’t have component unlock

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Alright then. try to get ostapo and and ankylo first

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To add to @SomeRandomDino’s advice, you can buy the Indominus Rex on a Monday or Thursday, when there is a 10% discount on Jurassic dinosaurs.

I buy all required dinosaurs on Thursday since it’s 20% off for VIPs.

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