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Indominus Rex Gen 2 Tournament 06/11/21 - 06/14/21

just I came here after the diplo sdan was in the rotation so I have like 400 from thing like xmas and a bit of modded pvp

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the cooldown of super hybrids is equivalent to the vips cooldown


make tapejalo s-hybrid…

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that is a better idea, might try it, after getting a few more decent amphi, also would a level 1 tape hybrid be indo gen 1 level 10 ferocity???

Nah level 1 = level 30 tapejalosaur
Level 10 = level 40 tape


myabe at level 1 is he better than a indominus rex gen 2 level 10

2000+ HP
600+ damage

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still too much, but aiming for it for sure

I use 2 lv10 vips and a lv20 legendary hyrbrid or lv20 vip or a lv10 s hybrid and it’s almost a guarantee win

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Last run for the day probably


Is it just me or does the AI with an Eryops or Secondontosaurus always go for 4 block? Not sure it happens with any other dinos but its annoying to deal with since they have so much HP

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Since I entered the dominator league this level 10 bonitasaura has been my first Dino out of the gate and I’ve only lost one battle. I stepped out of my comfort zone to finish up with my giganoce but I prevailed and earned 36 trophies. Props to @Sionsith for the amazing tips last week.


Update: My phone’s back alive, so I am.

Done & dusted. :muscle:

I think I’ve fully made my intention clear.

End of Day1 Results

See you Monday. :slight_smile:


If your lineups deep enough you may aswell do the other events, the vip exclusive is just 3 easy battles for 3 x sdna and the claim your territory while hard I use OP creatures that I wouldnt necessarily use in tournament runs


I’m not so sure that’s a safe enough score… maybe you need to do 1,000 more :wink:


Don’t forget the time component to fuse everything and the food to level them up. Hybrid tournaments are ALWAYS worth it


I’ve done the VIP exclusive. But the other one really pushes me away from itself. I depend on the big pack opening for my aquatic upgrade though, plus it makes progress by itself with every single copy I earn throughout the other aquatic events.

I’m still a bit far away from completing top tier needing events all at once with the rest that the weekend offers. Maybe tomorrow morning I’ll do it. :man_shrugging:t2: Either way, I’m all ok with it though. :v:

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Yes, definitely. Benefits of this tourney, are literally uncountable. 🤌🤌


Had so much to do today, couldn’t get going on this tournament until late into the evening. Was doing well until I ran out of L40 legendaries to include in teams. I just haven’t mastered using the top of my line-up properly, it’s not quite at the point where I can use fodder-main-fodder, when I try I get crushed for having an under strength team. I do try with fodder and 2 mains but my win % is noticeably worse than with three ordinary legendaries.

Anyway, ended in a reasonable place and was pleased to beat the team containing the L2 Indoraptor gen2, at health of 4720 or so and horrible attack as well.


Have you tried main main fodder? My win percentage isn’t as high, but I get some easy matches sometime like below. I was 100th place in Dominator before this battle and got 38 trophies.

Edit: next two battles, lost the next one because I blocked first and he didn’t attack. I blocked 2 hoping he blocked at least 1, but he reserved 2, so I quit.

3rd one was a better one. So 2 wins 1 loss using only 6 mains seems like a draw because it’s the same as doing two battles with 3 mains each and winning both, but it’s not because I got 38 trophies instead of 34 trophies (an additional 8 trophies). I don’t know if my win percentage will stay at 67% since my mains aren’t that big, but we’ll see.