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Indominus Rex gen 2 tournament

Well I start with my park level which is mid 55. And my best Dino’s have health of about 1200.
I finished in the predator league 4 times but now seeing the indom gen 2 at stake I’m wondering if I should spend some bucks or not at the last minute?

Is the gen 2 worth it or I shouldn’t go for it??

Edit : First I was confident but now I’m a bit confused…Any advice will be appreciated.:grin:

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Yes,it being worth it is out of the question,a legendary hybrid is always worth it. Plus it is a Unlock. Yes,go ahead and spend bucks,remain at the top of predator till the end,you have level 10 VIPs,which have really good ferocity and cost really less to buy back,keep playing and reach the top of predator,spend bucks if needed. But keep at the top if predator to the end,and sneak into Dominator in the final minutes of the tournament,you have level 10 VIP creatures which by themselves are really good,and that short cooldown is another plus,you also have Ophiacomimus to push,I am also very close to you,level 59.

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I am personally happy for hybrids tournaments bec its make work in game easiest (for expl. i dont need make two archeons and two megalodons bec i unlocked megarcheon in tournament) Actually i have one T.Rex hatched and another 7 in market, that means i can get max. T.rex 2 for “free”, instead of buy another 8 for hybrid. And that means saved DNA. I just hope that will not long 6 days

Thanks for the advice but im not really sur coz I have very limited bucks😰

Where have you been finishing in Pred? The top of Pred and bottom of Pred are completely different things and then there is normally a little jump/bench in the trophies just before getting into Dom. So sometimes the difference between 1st in Pred and 99 in Dom can be 90 trophies or so.

This is a hybrid Tournament, don’t be surprised to see the bottom of Dom a little higher than your typical tournament dino.

If you haven’t been able to get into Dom in the recent past i think it will be quite difficult to finish/stay in Dom for this one.

It stinks to miss out on good dino’s but it also sounds like you could use some more legendary twin packs.

Well that is good advice but indom grn 2 is really tempting

I have been finishing in the preadatkr at 50-60 th spot

i love how you made a separate chat to talk in thats great

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Everybody should do the same.

You will get loads from the trade harbor and then the Indominus Rex Gen 2 is always worth more than a couple of hundred bucks,it will cost me much more for a legendary hybrid in comparison to a VIP.

When you mean it will be tougher as a hybrid tournament,do you mean in terms of matchups or trophies?

In trophies bro/ sis

With out seeing your complete line-up and knowing how much you win and manage your time/battles it’s impossible to say. But i will say the battles in the top of Pred get much more difficult than the ones you see in the middle of Pred, and again, the trophy spread tends to be much great between single positions. It can be 3 or even 4 wins sometimes just to move from say 5th to 1st in pred, and then you are still a couple wins from 99th in Dom in most cases.

My advice is make a hard push on the 1st day, try not to burn your DB’s, i dunno how many you have. But IMO it is easiest to get into DOM and higher on the first day. If you can’t push into Dom on the 1st day with out much trouble then i think you are going to have a hard time finishing in Dom. But either way, keep playing as much as you can and stay as high as you can. Come Monday there is the cool down discount just before the tournament ends (if 3 day) take a good look at the numbers and your resources and figure out if using your DB’s will get you into Dom, if so do as many battles as you can at this point, maybe you will get lucky. If this is a 3 day tournament, there is typically not much position movement the last few hours of the tournament so what you see likely about what you need.

That is good advice… Thanks… And here is a pic of my complete lineup and my resources


Do you think I can make it to the top of Predator? My top creatures are:-
Indominus Rex level 10(Rajastega still hatching)
Alangasaurus Level 40
Alangasaurus Level 40
Suchomimus level 30
Shunosaurus Level 20
Pteranodon Level 20
Itchyostega Level 20

I have 1822 Dino Bucks at the moment. I am willing to speed up cooldowns as much as needed.

I really really hope it is easy,I would love to land on a Indominus Rex Gen 2 Pack,but I know that will never happen.

I would say with that line-up, you might make it up to the top of Predator but at least the middle of Predator.

@Dino_Rex and @anon43877113

I don’t think either of your line ups are strong enough to finish in Dominator.

Level 20 Legendary can’t do it.
Level 30 Legendary have a really tough time (they need ideal match ups/class advantage)

A small army (like 27 of them) of Level 40 common hybrids have had success, but mostly because they battle so many times, they will get match up they can win.

My suggestion to both of you is to battle as much as you can without spending DB on cool downs.

Report back how you’ve done Sunday afternoon.

We’ll know where you are at and how fast the tournament is moving.

At that time, we’ll be able to tell you the best course of action for how you are doing.

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This team here is mine :heart_eyes:.A lvl 30 ichthayostega is cooking up . Well I’ll do my best with these çraps​:joy:

You lack a good meat shield (like 1500 health).

Do you have the Therizinosaurus unlocked?

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