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Indominus Rex gen 2 tournament

I’ll get that pack at any cost :grinning:

Nope. But why is that needed?

It would help you and we recently had an unlock for it.

Do you have the diplodocus and ankylosaurus unlocked to make the ankylodocus?

Look up in the spreadsheet for meat shields (1500+, ideally 1700+) for dinos you have unlocked or hybrids you can unlock:

Yes I have maxed them out but not making ankylocdus coz it will cost loads of bucks

Loads of Bucks? On cool downs?

You’ll quickly get to the point where you don’t need to buy dinos back to win in Dom.

I use Level 20 ankylocdus with great success in Dom. I battle at 7am/2pm/9pm based around their 7 hour cool down. As a meat shield with Level 10 VIPs behind them, they win about 50% of the time. (You’ll need a VIP glass cannon, 500+ attack for the 3rd slot. And an amphibian of 400+ attack for the second slot.)

My first time finishing in dom, I had 5 battle groups fighting in 7 hour windows that was like the above line up. (5groups X 3 times a day x 3 days = 45 battles plus 5 the last morning = 50 total battles). I squeaked into dom on the last day by getting up early at 5am, battling and using the speed ads to battle again at 11:30am to get an extra 4-5 battles). My times are CST. You may have to adjust times a little.

Edit: the ankylocdus also hatches in a day. You could make 3 in today’s discount window and 3 more in tomorrow discount window and evolve them to have 3 Level 20s for Friday.

That’s called hard work :joy:. Thanks for the advice and I’m going to make ankylocdus

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You’re right.

I look forward to the day I can play once a day and get high enough in dom! :wink:

I get into safe Dom Finish points range (1800) by Satuday night now. I just have a LOT more teams of other similar dinos.

So, I could do twice a day, morning/night only Fri/Sat/Sun. But, I get scared 1800 won’t be enough and want the choice to keep going on Sunday if needed.

My playing window is about 4 hours. I play according to this
9 am
1 pm
5 pm
And I have 3 teams that I use so I play about 12 matches per day and win at least 7 of them

By the way I made ankylocdus and another one is already hatching


Nice,same , I am cooking up a Itchyostega as well.

I was really crazy on the Ankylodocus on my Previous account,not so much on this one,I will focus on it later on.

If I have 2000 Bucks at my disposal for the requirements. I know I may not attain success,but even the Evo Booster pack for a level 20 legendary is always good,plus ,1300 LP can never hurt,but it is always worth trying. 8 am willing to speed my best stuff as much as needed. I will try to keep up to the pace of the tournament,I will keep updating till Sunday,but not spend any dino bucks till monday,cause , as you said,in the final day,generally tournaments slow the most,and by sunday,I will come to know whether it is possible or not,because I would already have faced many opponents to get the taste of it . I am also sure that I can get some pretty amazing trade harbor offers for LP with Dinos,Dinos fetch a lot of LP. I will figure out by Sunday whether I should grind harder or not.

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Like Timmah has said you need a meat shield for the 1st slot, something decent in the second slot preferably with about a minimum of 500 atk (hopefully the counter for the counter of your meat shield) and then something ok ish in the 3rd slot (3rd has more flexibility depending on strategy)

Your 1st dino is just sacrifice so you can build reserve points, so the more health the better. lvl 10 Apatosaurus is one of the best meat shields for Dom, plenty of health, quick cool down. Again like Timmah said, i like my meat shield to be over 1600 health but over 2k is more comforting.

Sorry to say but I personally don’t think either of your line-ups are even close to being good enough to finish in Dom, and 2k DB’s can go pretty quick speeding up cool downs.

My daughters line-up is significantly better than both of yours and I am questioning whether or not i will be able to finish her game in the bottom of Dom for this tournament.


Also, Hybrids are on discount today so if you can get them hatched and leveled up before Friday it is a good time to beef up your line-up.

I plan on buying a few today on both my game and my daughters game to add to the bench.


Thanks for the honest response,this probably shows how much I need to work,but yet,I will still not give up. I have my mind fixed,even if I do not finish in Dominator,i will try my best .

Yeah everybody is giving honest responses so that’s great but I’m now determined coz new Dino plans are being hatched by me😂

By the way here is a summary of every tournament I played…
Dracorex tournament -survivor
2 ND tournament -survivor
Ceratosaurous tournament -hunter
4th tournament-predator
5th- predator
I rex gen 2 tournament-I really don’t know😂

These responses are what will help the most,to let us know what we should expect.

Yes let’s see how it goes

1st tournament-Predator
2nd tournament-Predator
3rd Tournament-(Bracketed)- Dominator
4th- Yet to be seen,this will be my 4th tournament.

My best tournent was the shunosaur bracketed tournament…
I won
1600 hard cash
1 aquatic pack
Loads of DNA about 3000