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Indominus Rex Gen 2

It will be quite a while before I get this one.

I only have one Tyrannosaurus Rex Gen 2 and one Velociraptor Gen 2.

Mines not ready to be fused. :exploding_head:

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Mine too.
I hope this 2nd generation thing is coming to an end now. I fail to see the benefit by giving us barely modified versions of dinos we already have.


I don’t know the stats on any of the maxed Gen 2s…I know they are not a tremendous improvement over the originals. I see them as placeholders for the moment. I believe that the stats on these will be boosted to make them more relevant in the future…closer to when the next film comes out.

…wishful thinking lol.

Especially because the Blues blood was transfused with Trexy…there could be some unexpected consequences.

Indo Rex gen 2 is actually much better than gen 1

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True, that, @Tommi.

Truth is, the benefit goes to Ludia because there are people who will pay hundreds of dollars (or equivalent currency) for the same thing with new colors.

I have a friend who, long ago, worked in a Cadillac factory. Cadillacs were almost identical to other GM products, except that they put several hundred pounds of horse hair throughout the body of the vehicle to muffle the sound of the engine. So consumers ended up paying thousands of dollars extra for some horsehair. We came to have an expression for whenever people would spend loads of money for a bum deal: people will pay all kinds of money for horse hair.

As a dinosaur fan, I’d much sooner see new dinosaurs like Sinoceratops or Camarasaurus or even Iguanodon (the first dinosaur ever discovered!) before more hybrids or more new colors on old dinosaurs. But the purchasing public is probably more interested in new colors on old rock stars like the T-rex, the Velociraptor, Indominus, etc. Jurassic World Alive indicates as much.

People will pay all kinds of money for horse hair.


Never heard that story. Where can I get this horse hair? There are some old programs I developed which could use some of it.

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I was thinking the same thing…I need some horse hair to turn my Corolla into a Lexus.:rofl:. Oh shall I say… Corolla Gen 2

On a different note…I did sound treat my car as a DIY project. It makes a big difference.


Some pictures caught in the wild during PvP, this was a level 22:


Damm. I do dislike the idea of giving old dinos new skins and selling them again, but they are admitedly really cool skins

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I’ve never wanted the Gen 2 creatures to take the place of new dinosaurs, but to reiterate what I’ve said before just to make a point, I initially liked the Gen 2 idea (in concept) just because I thought it might be used to give some of the classics a means to shine once again.

Promote Triceratops to a higher tier.

Make Spinosaurus more powerful.

Updated versions of Allosaurus and Carnotaurus to match the movie.


But honestly all that we’ve gotten is creature so negligibly different that it’s not even worth going for them. So despite my optimism the Gen 2 regrettably do not feel me with intrigue or excitement anymore.

P.S. Gen 2 Indom coin production much lower then OG or am I seeing things? :face_with_monocle:


@G-ReptilianFoot I’m with you on this. I would really love to see a Triceratops Gen 2 with some respectable stats. I mean, something I can actually use occasionally…on par with a level 40 legendary.

These are iconic dinosaurs. One of the first dinosaurs you’re exposed to as a child.

Just some wishful thinking! Not knockin anything Ludia is doing …cuz I’m loving the game right now.


My hope was for promotion definitely.

T-Rex Gen 2 Tournament Tier.

Velociraptor Gen 2 Legendary

Alongside Triceratops and the others, and so on and so forth.

But one exiting factor I’ve been pondering is if the Gen 2’s open the door for other Jurassic World Alive creatures. Perhaps a test to see how it works? Some of the hybrids are super duper awesome.

Also got to say I adore the look of Indom Gen 2, I really enjoy the dark coloring. Indom Gen 2 is a favorite of mine on JWA also so maybe a tad bias.

But as you said, these are not knocks just thoughts, I’ve always loved this game and am having a lot of fun in Mastodon tournament.